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WMC Daily News Brief: Rachel Maddow, Michelle Obama, Afghanistan

February 3, 2009

Maddow Rechannels Energy At Air America


Daily News: Even as her television star rises, Rachel Maddow is keeping a toe in her radio roots at the progressive network Air America.

Michelle Obama Crafts Policy Agenda 

2/3/09 As she prepares to step out beyond her role as the self-described “mom in chief,” Michelle Obama has been busy behind the scenes crafting a policy-driven agenda that will bring working-family issues into the White House.

Helping Afghan Women And Girls  


The Nation: How will escalation or increased US troop presence in Afghanistan improve the security of women and girls or make their lives better? I thought it would be important to speak with someone who has experience working on the ground with Afghan women's organizations -- Kavita Ramdas.

Ex-Journalists’ New Jobs Fuel Debate On Favoritism 


NY Times: Republicans have long accused mainstream journalists of being on the payroll of President Obama and the Democratic Party, a common refrain of favoritism especially from those on the losing end of an election.  But this year the accusation has a new twist: In some notable cases it has become true.

Out Of Office: Job Loss In The Age Of Blogs And Twitter  


Wall Street Journal: As Americans -- grappling with layoffs and grim economic news -- try to find ways to fill their time, the Internet is helping people with job searches. But the medium is performing another important role: a social anesthesia that distracts people from the stress of unemployment.

Political Lessons Taken On The Fly By Gillibrand  


NY Times: A Long Island congresswoman is so angry about the new senator’s views on gun rights that she threatens a primary challenge next year? Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand murmurs that she really looks forward to working with her.

SUNY Expected To Pick University Of Cincinnati Leader As Chancellor  


NY Times: The trustees of the State University of New York are poised to select Nancy L. Zimpher, the president of the University of Cincinnati, to be the next chancellor of SUNY, the nation’s largest public university system, according to people involved in the process.

With STI Rates Rising, Sex Ed Bill Returns To Minnesota Legislature 


RH Reality Check: Government health officials in Minnesota testified last Monday that rates of sexually transmitted diseases are increasing, particularly among urban women, and that a proposed bill to increase funding for testing, treatment and education might stem the steady rise in rates and curb teen pregnancy.

Court Groping Case Revives Jr. High Memories 


Women's eNews: Few reporters showed up for the Supreme Court's hearing of a sexual harassment case involving a kindergartner. But Allison Stevens sat in the front row, finding the case a reminder of harassment.

Miami Women's Shelter Blooms In Crime-Ridden Area


Boston Globe: Opened in 2006 in Overtown, Miami, Lotus House aims to address women's emotional and physical needs and prepare them to live independently. Experts say the shelter offers one of the most comprehensive homeless programs in the state and should be a model for facilities nationwide.

Opposition Leader In Myanmar Expresses Frustration With U.N.  


AP via NY Times: Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the opposition leader who is under house arrest, expressed frustration to a United Nations envoy on Monday over the organization’s failure to persuade Myanmar’s hard-line military leaders to give up their monopoly on power, her political party said.

For The First Time In History, Girls Were All Over Davos 


Huffington Post: It was clear after the session, The Girl Effect on Development, that people attending this year's Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos really understood why investing in adolescent girls in poverty is central to just about every decision we make.

Livni Plays Gender Card as She Runs 2nd in Race 


Jewish Journal: Tzipi Livni, Israel’s foreign minister and a candidate for prime minister, has downplayed her gender and largely sidestepped women’s issues.  However, running second behind the Likud Party’s Benjamin Netanyahu and with her male rivals attempting to undercut her credibility, Livni has pulled out the gender card.

Iraqi Woman Recruited 80 Suicide Bombers 


AFP via Google: Iraqi police have arrested a woman who has confessed to recruiting more than 80 female suicide bombers and who helped orchestrate dozens of attacks, a senior officer said on Tuesday.

Uganda: Obama Restores Aid For Family Planning 


New Vision via Elly Mugumya, executive director of Reproductive Health Uganda, says the reversal of the gag rule could not have come at a better time. Mugumya says Obama's announcement will go a long way in reducing maternal deaths and re-igniting the debate on safe abortion.

Can "Tele-Health" Cut Maternal Mortality In Zambia? 


RH Reality Check: Zambia is struggling with high maternal mortality rates, but new information technology will allow providers better access to patients' medical records and may make childbirth safer.

New Research May Help Women With Breast Cancer Make Surgical Decision 


Minnesota Daily:  But new research from the Houston-based University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center may help curb the increase of medically unnecessary surgeries in the future.

A Shaper Of Talent For A Changing Art World  


NY Times: In a robust economy the art market embraced globalization and multiculturalism. For all the changes, Nicola Vassell is the rare black director in a successful mainstream gallery, simultaneously the product of a changing world and the symbol of it.

Philip Hersh: Lindsey Vonn Could Be Greatest U.S. Women's Skier 


LA Times: Lindsey Vonn is on the verge of being recognized as the greatest women’s skier in U.S. history.