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WMC Daily News Brief - Op-Eds, Contraception, Bishops

July 16, 2008

Voices Too Often Missing In Op-Ed Land: Women's 7/16/08 CS Monitor: As newspapers struggle for readership, publishers seeking to expand their market need look no further than their opinion pages to see who is missing: women. The absence of women as op-ed writers is perhaps the most telling marker of the status of women in media. White House Defines Contraception as Abortion 7/16/08 Women's eNews: Federal funding for family planning clinics could dry up under a proposal from the Bush administration. Pro-choice advocates attacked the proposal as an assault on women's health and for expanding the definition of abortion to include birth control. Pope Comes to Aid of Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams Over Unity Bid 7/16/08 Telegraph, UK: The Pope has come to the aid of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, as he attempts to prevent the Anglican Communion fragmenting over the issues of women bishops and homosexuality. Barack Obama Downplays New Yorker 7/15/08 Chicago Tribune: In an interview with CNN's Larry King, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama said he had "seen and heard worse" than the cartoon which depicted him and his wife as militant radicals. "It's a cartoon ... and that's why we've got the First Amendment," Obama said. Yahoo, Google Defend Their Ad Deal In Congress 7/16/08 SF Gate: Yahoo and Google executives were challenged by lawmakers, who worry that the agreement reached last month for Google to sell its ads on Yahoo's Web site - and share an estimated $800 million a year in revenues with its longtime rival - will reduce competition in online advertising and raise prices for advertisers and consumers. Hillary Clinton Launches Fundraising For 2012 Already! 7/16/08 LA Times: Just six weeks after reluctantly surrendering to Barack Obama in the brutal 2008 Democratic primary race, Sen. Hillary Clinton has begun raising money for what she says is her 2012 New York Senate re-election campaign. On Overseas Trip, Sebelius Is Shy About Veep Watch 7/15/08 NY Times: Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius says the attention she's received since her name surfaced as a potential running mate for Barack Obama makes her feel a little uneasy. But if it can help her home state, she said Tuesday, she's willing to endure it. Congresswoman Barbara Lee- The System Didn't Work For Me 7/15/08 In the 60's, Congresswomen Barbara Lee was a young mother of two children on public assistance attending Mills College. She recalls that she deliberately did not register to vote because she felt that the system "didn't work for me". Then she heard Shirley Chisholm speak about running for President of the United States. Will McCain Also Define Contraception as Abortion? 7/15/08 The fundamental question for McCain is whether he thinks birth control programs should cover birth control.  Do we seriously have to ask this question in 2008? Let's remember we are talking about someone who voted against family planning twenty-two times. Facing Criticism, McCain Clarifies His Statement on Gay Adoption 7/16/08 NY Times: As several gay rights groups criticized Senator John McCain for saying he opposed gay adoption, the McCain campaign issued a clarification on Tuesday saying that he believed the issue should be decided by the states, and that such adoptions should not be subject to a federal ban. McCain Ape Rape Joke Recalled By Sources 7/15/08 Huffington Post: In 1986, during his initial run for the Senate, John McCain allegedly told a crude joke about rape involving a woman's affection for an ape. McCain supposedly asked a crowd if they had heard "the one about the woman who is attacked on the street by a gorilla, beaten senseless, raped repeatedly and left to die?" Women Oppose Pardon for Rapists 7/16/08, Kenya: Ms Regina Karega, the chairperson of the National Commission on Gender and Development, told the Waki commission that both the murderous gangs and uniformed officers who committed the atrocities should face the law without discrimination. Ms Karega gave the recommendations on behalf of 40 organizations which deal with Gender Based Violence (GBV). Doctors, Activists Work To Stop Clay Eating in Africa 7/16/08 Globe and Mail, UK: The ingestion of earth or clay, known as geophagy, is a relatively widespread phenomenon in parts of Africa and Asia. It's usually consumed by pregnant or lactating women in order to reduce nausea and supplement a mineral-deficient diet. But it can also contain harmful parasites and cause lead poisoning, intestinal obstruction and colon rupture. Saving Mothers, One at a Time 7/15/08 NY Times: According to a 2007 study of global maternal mortality rates, more than two-thirds of deaths among Malawian women of reproductive age are linked to pregnancy or childbirth - a larger proportion than in any of the 171 countries in the study. Teen Sexual Behavior Does Not Predict HPV Risk 7/16/08 A teen's sexual activity doesn't predict her future risk for HPV, and shouldn't determine whether she receives the HPV vaccine, according to University of Michigan researchers. HPV, genital human papillomavirus, is the most common sexually transmitted infection, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Study Questions Breast Self-Exams 7/15/08 Boston Globe: Although most women are told to examine their breasts every month for lumps, new research confirms that the practice - on its own - may do more harm than good. Self exams, and those by healthcare providers, actually produce an increase in benign biopsies, but don't get the patient into treatment earlier or save her life. SNL's Poehler Lined Up for 'Office' Spinoff 7/15/08 TV Week: "Saturday Night Live" regular Amy Poehler is in advance negotiations with NBC to star in the network's upcoming spinoff of "The Office," according to network and talent agency sources. Six Inducted into Women's Hall of Fame 7/15/08 Sports Illustrated: Former Louisiana Tech and Baylor coach Sonja Hogg will be among the inductees in the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame's 2009 class. The new class also includes Cynthia Cooper-Dyke, Jennifer Azzi, Jennifer Gillom, Jill Hutchison and Ora Washington.