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WMC Daily News Brief - NY Times, Economy, Sweden

July 22, 2008

N.Y. Times Rejects McCain Opinion Piece 7/22/08 LA Times: John McCain has felt the sting of rejection for what he no doubt considered a finely wrought piece of prose (we know the feeling). But it appears that for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee (and perhaps one of his ghost writers), all's well that ends well. Women Are Now Equal as Victims of Poor Economy 7/22/08 NY Times: After moving into virtually every occupation, women are being afflicted on a large scale by the same troubles as men: downturns, layoffs, outsourcing, stagnant wages or the discouraging prospect of an outright pay cut. And they are responding as men have, by dropping out or disappearing for a while. Women In Swedish Politics Still Fight For Visibility 7/20/08 The Local, Sweden: Female politicians active in the Gothenburg area claim they still fight for visibility, with six out of ten claiming resistance from male colleagues due to their gender.According to a survey carried out by the Göteborgs-Posten newspaper amongst 35 women in local politics, 63 percent claim to have witnessed other women subjected to sexual harassment. Lawmakers Urge Bush to Halt Abortion Proposal 7/21/08 ABC News: Members of Congress are urging President Bush to stop on a proposal they argue would change the definition of abortion, and limit women's access to birth control. The Department of Health and Human Services draft proposal requires federally-funded hospitals to certify that they do not discriminate against people who refuse to provide contraception. Pelosi To Clinton Backers: Stop Worrying About The VP 7/21/08 Huffington Post: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged disaffected backers of Hillary Clinton to support Barack Obama's choice for vice president, even if he picks a female candidate not named Clinton."I don't think we should be making an issue after the primary is over about who should be vice president," said the Speaker. Lily Ledbetter Rally for Family Leave, Paid Sick Days 7/22/08  Several female senators and congresswomen gathered  near the U.S. Capitol to rally for the Lilly Ledbetter Paycheck Fairness Act. The women holding signs watched some high-profile pay equity advocates speak, including Ledbetter herself and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. The bill, expected pass in the House, has already received a veto threat from the White House. Ghana: Women Cry for Peace in Bawku 7/21/08 The Coalition of Savannah Women for Peace (CSWP) has called on government and other stakeholders, to take immediate and positive action, towards ensuring a lasting solution to the Bawku conflict. According to the Coalition, the Bawku crisis had endangered the lives of women and children the most, who as a result of the conflict were finding it difficult to make ends meet. Poles and Romanians Struggle to Access Abortion 7/22/08 Two cases of young girls, age 11 and 14, who got pregnant and were desperately looking for help, totally dependent on the decisions of others, hit headlines in their home countries of Romania and Poland, and beyond, recently. These two cases resulted in controversial discussions and strong attitudes of various social groups. Epilepsy Drug Topamax Linked To Birth Defects 7/22/08 LA Times: A widely used anti-epilepsy drug called topiramate raises the risk of birth defects as much as 14-fold when taken by pregnant women, especially in combination with another drug called valproate, British researchers reported today. Older Woman, Younger Man: It's a Match Made in Cyberspace 7/22/08 Washington Post: Going for the younger guy is perhaps yet another triumph for the women's movement, which has broken down barriers between the sexes and pushed for equal opportunity. The change is buttressed by the new biology of aging. Women, according to calculations based on mortality risk, are five years "younger" than men. Viagra Helps Depressed Women: Study 7/21/08 AFP: The erectile dysfunction drug Viagra has proven effective at combating sexual dysfunction in depressed women, according to a study published Tuesday. Sexual dysfunction is a common side effect of antidepressants and a major reason why people stop taking medication for their depression. Patterns: Melanoma Rises Sharply in Young Women 7/22/08 NY Times: Over the past three decades, the incidence of melanoma, the most deadly type of skin cancer, has increased much more sharply in young women than in young men. Women's Book Prizes Fire Up Literary Canon 7/22/08 Women's eNews: Literary prizes for women continue to stir controversy about the benefit of putting a female prefix in front of a writer's work. But the founder of the Orange Prize says it helps flag an ongoing absence of women from serious short lists. Finding Her Place In A New World Order 7/22/08 Boston Globe: Maggie Gyllenhaal is done with indies. Now she's playing the love interest in the newest Batman installment, "The Dark Knight." Gyllenhaal has reigned as "little-movie" queen for almost seven years, starting with her performance in "Secretary" and as an unfit mother in "Sherrybaby." Why Sport Needs Women 7/22/08 BBC: Women face many barriers in terms of being actively involved in sport not only in terms of participation, but in terms of the role women play as coaches, volunteers and leaders in sports governing bodies. Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport Andy Burnham will announce the formation of a commission to look at issues raised by the Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation. Indonesian Female Weightlifter Names China,Thailand As Tough Opponents 7/22/08 Indonesian female weightlifter Lisa Rumbewas, who won silver medals in 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and in 2004 Athens Olympic Games considers China and Thailand as tough opponents. Rumbewas will be the first female athlete who has been trusted by the Indonesian government to face competition in the three Olympic games successively.