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WMC Daily News Brief - Ling, Domestic Violence, Kenya

July 10, 2008

Lisa Ling to Contribute to 'Nightline' 7/9/08 TV Week: Lisa Ling will join ABC News' "Nightline" as a contributor. Her first report, on aging and the growth of luxury retirement living communities, will air Thursday. Albany to Expand Domestic Violence Law to Include Dating Relationships 7/10/08 NY Times: Gov. David A. Paterson said on Wednesday that he would sign a major expansion of New York State's domestic violence law to allow family court judges to issue civil protection orders against a far broader swath of alleged abusers. Kenyan Mothers Point to Police as Sons Go Missing 7/10/08 Women's eNews: In the slums of Nairobi police who thrive on bribery and corruption may have met their match in a handful of mothers whose sons crossed the authorities. A spilled bowl of porridge sparked a protest in June and the women vow to keep the pressure on. Obama Regrets Allowing Daughters' TV Interview 7/10/08 Boston Globe: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, allowed the syndicated program "Access Hollywood" to interview their daughters, Malia and Sasha, as Malia celebrated her 10th birthday. Yesterday, Obama said he had second thoughts after seeing how much attention the interview had received. Wearing Out The 'Brand' 7/10/08 Boston Globe: TV pundits often use shorthand concepts like "brand" because they only get two to six sentences to make a point. After all, TV anchors and reporters are required to introduce one another as "part of the best political team on television," "fair and balanced," "the best political team ever" - and that eats up a lot of time. Bloomberg Reorganizes News Operation And Management 7/9/08 Reuters: Financial news and data company Bloomberg LP is creating several new units as part of a reorganization that includes a shuffling of top management. A new multimedia operation will include Bloomberg's Internet, television and radio news services, and will be separate from its text news service, the company said on Wednesday Michelle Obama Finds Herself In Spotlight Reluctantly 7/10/08 Kansas City Star: Michelle Obama seems quite comfortable on "Oprah" and "The View" and appears at ease on magazine covers but is, by most accounts, a reluctant political promoter. Ironically, she now finds herself a key pitch person in the campaign's efforts to appeal to a Democratic base of women and feminists feeling deflated from Sen. Hillary Clinton's defeat. Obama Walks The Abortion Minefield 7/10/08 Politico: For the past week, some activists in the abortion rights community have been trying to figure out why Barack Obama, in an interview with a Christian magazine, seemed to reject a mental health exception to the ban on late-term abortions. McCain Squirms on Birth Control Question 7/9/08 Wall Street Journal: While John McCain often embodies an anything-goes attitude when talking to reporters, it doesn't mean some subjects can't make him sweat-say, birth control. A female Los Angeles Times reporter inquired today about comments made earlier this week by McCain campaign adviser Carly Fiorina, the former head of Hewlett Packard. Obama Urges Backers to Address Clinton Debt 7/10/08 NY Times: Senator Barack Obama asked a roomful of his loyal donors in New York on Wednesday night to help his primary foe Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton pay off part of the $23 million in debt she ran up trying to beat him. Gay-Marriage Advocates Hope To Repeal Old Law 7/10/08 Boston Globe: State lawmakers are expected to vote next week on repealing a 1913 law that prevents out-of-state gay and lesbian couples from getting married in Massachusetts, reigniting a divisive debate on an issue that has stirred passions and put the state in the national spotlight. 50 More Years of Women Making Less Money Than Men? 7/10/08 The average 25-year-old woman who works until age 65 will earn $523,000 less over her lifetime than the average working male, according to a 2004 report compiled by Milwaukee-based 9to5 National Association of Working Women.It's a discrepancy largely due to women earning less than their male colleagues for doing the same work. Cayman Islands to Ban Gay Marriage 7/10/08 An amendment to legislation in the Cayman Islands defining marriage as between a man and a woman is expected to get support from the government and opposition. However, the proposed change to the law does not mention civil partnerships. Ringing Phone, Weeping Maid, A Friend In Deed 7/10/08 The US Immigration and Citizenship Services issued a T (for trafficking) visa last year to the Filipino woman who has sued Ambassador Lauro Baja Jr. and three others for trafficking, forced labor, peonage and racketeering. A Leap In Mental Care For Children 7/10/08 Boston Globe: In the 31 years since I chaired the first presidential commission on mental health, medical science has made significant strides in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of mental illnesses. Living in recovery from a mental illness is now not only possible, but expected.  Unfortunately, the nation's social systems for delivering mental healthcare have not kept pace with advances in medical science. Watchdog Urges Maternity Action 7/10/08 BBC News: While the majority of women were being offered some degree of choice, such as a midwife-led unit, or a home birth, it said two-thirds of trusts could currently offer only a consultant-led service in its hospitals. Labour pledged in its 1995 manifesto that by 2009 all women would have a choice of birth location. Interview with Donna Deitch, Director of Desert Hearts 7/9/08 Huffington Post: Donna Deitch will be presented with a career achievement award in LA at Outfest which features gay, lesbian and transgendered images and films. Deitch, a director best known for adapting and directing the seminal lesbian film Desert Hearts, answers some questions for Women & Hollywood about her career and issues related to women directors in Hollywood. Local boxer D'Andrea seeks Women's National Golden Gloves Title 7/9/08 Baltimore Sun: This week, Gina D'Andrea will step into a ring in Hollywood, Fla., to face another amateur boxer. Not quite two years after she first laced up a pair of gloves, D'Andrea could be the 2008 Women's National Golden Gloves champion in the flyweight division.