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WMC Daily News Brief: Katie Couric, Kirsten Gillibrand, Turkey

February 4, 2009

Is Katie Couric Coming Or Going? 


San Francisco Gate: It's hard to tell exactly what CBS is trying to do with Katie Couric, though a cynic might say the network is trying desperately to get its money's worth by making her work more often.

Gillibrand Is A Gal To Nearly Gush Over 


Women's eNews: Kirsten Gillibrand's vault into the Senate has raised some eyebrows in New York State over her political stances while thrilling others with her moxie and gender. Rita Henley Jensen was an early supporter and admits she's now tempted to gush.

Women Urge Parliament To Vote For Gender Equality Commission 


Today's Zaman (Turkey): On Thursday, if everything goes to plan, Turkish women will reach the end of their 12-year-long struggle for the establishment of a parliamentary commission on gender equality.

Feminist, Political Activist Fought For Equal Rights 


Washington Post: Flora M. Crater, 94, a feminist and political activist who waged a decades-long campaign to persuade Congress and the Virginia legislature to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, died of a brain tumor Feb. 1 at her daughter's home in Hockessin, Del.

Reflecting On The First Woman TV News Star


NPR: Before Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer, there was Nancy Dickerson. In 1960, Dickerson broke through TV journalism's all-male fortress to become the first female reporter on television.

WNET News Program Gains A Foothold But Draws Internal Complaints  


NY Times: The creators of’s four-month-old “Worldfocus” see it as a model for low-cost news programming on public television. But its first-year budget of $8 million is causing dissent at the company, the parent of WNET/Channel 13 and WLIW/Channel 21 in New York, and is being blamed for deep layoffs at the stations.

Tough Economic News Is Good For Evening Newscasts 


AP via Yahoo: Tough economic news and the arrival of the Obama administration have helped bring more viewers to the broadcast evening news shows, a TV staple that's been written off many times in the past.

MySpace: 90,000 Sex Offenders Removed From Site 


AP via Kansas City Star: About 90,000 sex offenders have been identified and removed from the social networking Web site MySpace, company and law enforcement officials said Tuesday.

EU Media Chief Rules Out Internet Freedom Law 


Reuters via Washington Post: A European Union law to reinforce freedom on the Internet would be unnecessary and put operators in a difficult position, the bloc's top telecoms and media regulator said on Tuesday.

Lynch Names Newman To Gregg's Seat 

2/4/09 Bonnie Newman, soon to be New Hampshire’s junior senator, knows a thing or two about short-term gigs. Academic credentials aside, Newman brings a weighty business background to the Senate.

California Court To Hear Gay Marriage Case In March 


Reuters: California's Supreme Court early next month will hear arguments over whether to allow a ban on same-sex marriage that has become a national rallying point for gays and their supporters.

The Vatican's "F" Word: It's All Feminism's Fault 


RH Reality Check: While visiting Manila-Philippines, Vatican official Paul Josef Cordes declared yesterday that "feminism" is not only eroding manhood but causing "a crisis in fatherhood."

Women Battle To Become Zurich's Next Mayor 


SwissInfo: Switzerland's largest city and financial centre, Zurich, will see its first female mayor elected on Sunday after the surprise departure of the current post-holder.

Iraq Arrests Woman Tied To Bombings  


NY Times: She went by the code name “the mother of believers,” Samira Ahmed Jassim al-Azzawi confessed. Ms. Jassim recruited women to join extremists in Diyala Province, escorting them to a farm for training and ultimately to their targets.

Rwanda: Stopping Domestic Violence Through Theater


Focus Media via Although Rwanda is striving to become a gender-equal nation, gender-based domestic violence is still widespread. A theater group has embarked on a crusade against the scourge.

Twisted Treaty Shafts Women 


RH Reality Check: The CEDAW the US would ratify would preclude women from challenging laws based on the physical differences between men and women, including discriminatory maternity coverage or criminal abortion laws.

Abortions At Home? With Doctor Supervision, Yes 


RH Reality Check: Medication abortion is a safe, straightforward option for ending an early unwanted pregnancy, and could be made more available and less expensive if home use were an option.

Paying For The Bailout: How Unnecessary Medical Procedures Are Taxing The System 


The WIP: In study after study, a staggering number of surgeries have been proven to be medically unwarranted, causing more harm than good. Two of the most over-utilized and most commonly performed surgeries in America are cesarean sections and hysterectomies.

Penélope Cruz On Woody's Women 


LA Times: Her nomination for best supporting actress in "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" is the second shot at an Oscar for Penelope Cruz, after her starring turn three years ago as a resilient mother in "Volver.”

Style Points 


Boston Globe: Sylvia Crawley doesn't want to tug at her sleeves while coaching the Boston College women's basketball team. On game day, the last thing Crawley wants to worry about is whether her suit is comfortable for her 6-foot-5-inch frame. So Crawley designs her own clothes.

Riding Skills Took Young Woman On A Rare Journey 


Washington Post: Like many other Loudoun County youngsters of the baby-boom generation, Libussa Brabner-Smith Huge learned to ride a horse at Montresor, a farm north of Leesburg. Unlike most of the others, she parlayed her skill into an invitation to teach riding to the son of the shah of Iran.