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WMC Daily News Brief: Katie Couric, Hillary Clinton, Nigeria

February 20, 2009

Katie Talks Katie


The Daily Beast: The CBS News anchor talks candidly about facing off with Sarah Palin, being lied to by Alex Rodriguez, how she landed Sully, why George W. Bush is smarter than you think-and of course that new haircut.

Frenetic Clinton Hits Asia Running 


AP via Boston Globe: Dashing through a kaleidoscopic tour of the far East in her first outing as U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton is back in full campaign mode.  But instead of selling herself as presidential candidate, Clinton is pitching the still-emerging foreign policy of her former rival, President Barack Obama.

Nigeria: Women's Responses To State Violence In The Niger Delta 


Pambazuka News via In an extensive piece examining the reactions of Niger Delta women towards the militarised violence of the Nigerian state and its multinational oil company allies, Sokari Ekine discusses the iniquitous contrast in wealth visible in the abject poverty of the Delta region's locals and the hugely profitable resource extraction of external players.

The Rise And Fall Of The Baltimore Examiner 


The Millions:  As newspapers downsize staff, go online only and cut pages, the Baltimore Examiner tried something different. Before the last edition hit doorsteps and newsstands last Sunday, we had managed to challenge the legacy paper in town and make a name for ourselves among readers and sources.

Belt-Tightening In Media Squeezes More Workers 


AP via Boston Globe: Thousands of workers at U.S. newspapers and broadcasters are facing more layoffs, wage freezes and pay cuts as their cost-cutting owners scramble to survive an advertising drought that has become even more dire in recent weeks.

Squirming, But Watching A Dying Reality Star  


NY Times: Something about Jade Goody struck a chord. She became a bona fide media star, a working-class Paris Hilton. Britons eagerly devoured every detail of her life.  Now they are watching her die.  Ms. Goody, who has two young sons, learned she had cervical cancer last August.

Jury Acquits 3 In Killing Of A Russian Journalist  


NY Times: A jury here ruled unanimously on Thursday to acquit three low-level suspects in the murder of a prominent investigative journalist, Anna Politkovskaya, frustrating hopes for bringing to justice those responsible for ordering the killing.

Michelle Obama, Bit By Bit 

2/19/09 "It's like a mass public vivisection where we project all of our hopes, dreams, fears, neuroses and psychoses on to one person," says Michelle Obama Watch founder Gina McCauley of our obsession with the first lady's appearance.

Privacy Sounds Good To Pro-Prop 8 Forces Now 


RH Reality Check: The Mormons, Knights of Columbus, and others who donated in favor of Proposition 8 now want to see their "right to privacy" protected and stay anonymous. Hypocrisy, anyone?

Arkansas: Abortion Measure Passes  


NY Times: The Arkansas Senate completed action on a bill banning what abortion opponents call partial-birth abortion and establishing criminal penalties for physicians who perform it.

Putting Peace First 


International Herald Tribune: Hillary Clinton's acknowledgment of the need to replace the armistice with a permanent peace treaty is a warm welcome to millions of Korean-Americans and Koreans hoping for a peaceful resolution to heightening tensions on the peninsula.

Chinese Professional Women Work As Nannies, Maids 


AP via Google: She majored in English and loved her job as an office worker in China's once-booming export industry. But now Xiong Xuhua is jobless and in training to be a housekeeper, a fate she is too embarrassed to tell even her husband about.

DEVELOPMENT:  Think Of The Women Farmers 


IPS: The new president of the International Fund for Agricultural Development takes over at a time when women farmers are becoming a growing force - without a growing voice.

Mizo Divorce: No Longer At A Wink  


WFS via Hindu Business Line (India): If women from the state of Mizo dare to speak against their husbands, they are slapped with instant divorce and have to forfeit their life's investments in their homes and their children.  But things are set to change with the promulgation of the Mizoram Divorce Ordinance.

HIV Rate Among Women In Swaziland Now 42 Percent 


AP via Boston Globe: About 42 percent of pregnant women in Swaziland are infected with the virus that causes AIDS, a 3 percent jump in a single year, according to a government report released Friday.

Lawmakers Join Push To Close Maternal Health Gaps 


Women's eNews: Advocates say a focus on maternal health is a critical component of any meaningful health care reform. Addressing deep racial disparities in maternal death rates remains an urgent priority in national reforms that promote women's wellbeing.

Up Close And Personal: Women Directors 


Forbes: Some women directors are making waves--and money--in Hollywood. But the coveted Best Director Oscar continues to elude them.

More Wives, More Problems 


RH Reality Check: "Big Love"'s patriarchy-by-choice leaves its participants thoroughly messed up in ways that won't be easy to fix -- with plenty of lessons about gender and power for American culture at large.

Van Becomes 1st Women's Ski Jump World Champion 


AP via Google: Lindsey Van of the United States became the first ever women's ski jumping world champion Friday after nailing a perfect second jump to edge Ulrike Graessler of Germany.

Women's Curling Hopefuls Put Generation Gap On Ice 


USA Today: Nina Spatola was born the year Erika Brown went to her first Olympics in 1988. Spatola has watched the tapes. The two are now teammates competing to be among the first U.S. athletes to qualify for the 2010 Winter Games at the U.S. Olympic curling trials, which begin Saturday in Broomfield, Colo.