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WMC Daily News Brief: Katie Couric, Codepink, Iraq

March 26, 2009

Katie Couric

3/19/09 (posted 3/25/09)

Elle: An hour before her live newscast begins, CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric is answering my question about how she would pitch a 60 Minutes segment on her professional life during the past two years.

Rage To Reform


Newsweek: Today, while Codepink still rallies and lobbies for an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we've become vocal-and visible-opponents of Wall Street bailouts.

Iraqi Women Can Now Say No To Hijab 


ABC: All over Baghdad the gradual improvements in security and the near-disappearance of militiamen and al Qaeda members from the streets have reduced the pressure on Iraqi women to cover their heads with a "hijab," or head scarf.

Investigating What Harms People-As An Independent Reporter


Nieman Reports: A Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter writes about 'hurdles to obtain meager funding or to overcome editors' reluctance to support the stories'-and offers suggestions.

Collaborate Or Die? 


NewsLab: Everyone's working harder and trying to do more with less, but if stations are going to keep cranking out as many newscasts as they do now, something else has to give. One answer may be a new trend toward collaboration that's already changing how local news is produced.

Bill O'Reilly's Woman Problem


Huffington Post: Abusive people often accuse others -- especially those who would challenge their behavior -- of the very act they themselves commit. And so we find Bill O'Reilly, host of Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor", accusing Think Progress blogger Amanda Terkel of bringing pain and suffering to a rape victim and her family.

Lifetime Networks Announces Domestic Launch Of Roiworld.Com


Fox: Lifetime Networks, the top brand in women's entertainment, has announced the launch of the U.S. version of, its recently acquired "dress up" casual gaming site for women.

US Urges Iran To Allow Access To Jailed Journalist 


Voice of America: The United States is urging Iran to grant consular access to jailed Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi.

A Legal Adviser Worthy Of The Job 


NY Times: President Obama has nominated Dawn Johnsen to lead the Office of Legal Counsel but her nomination is being attacked by Republican senators who still prefer the Bush approach.

Bair, Born Win JFK 'Courage' Award For Early Warnings On Crisis 


Bloomberg: Sheila Bair, who pushed lenders to prevent foreclosures, and Brooksley Born, who sought to rein in derivatives, won the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award for "sounding early warnings" on the financial crisis.

19 Companies Certify As Female-Contractor Friendly


Women's eNews: The president of the group that certifies companies as friendly to female contractors is pleased with this year's roster and sees further gains in an Obama review of federal contracting policy and the massive stimulus package.

She Soared Above The Army's Glass Ceiling 


Washington Post: Growing up in Kansas, Sally Murphy said, she never thought of being a soldier. She would become a teacher, because that's what women did.

Students Sue Prosecutor In Cellphone Photos Case 


NY Times: When a high school cheerleader in northeastern Pennsylvania learned that she might face criminal charges after investigators reported finding a nude photo of her on someone else's cellphone, she was more confused than frightened at being caught up in a case of "sexting."

The Anti-Mommy Bias 


NY Times: During the 1920s and 1930s, many employers refused to hire married women, or fired them once they married. As my fellow Economix blogger Casey Mulligan points out, such "marriage bars" are not allowed today. But family responsibilities still weigh more heavily on women than on men.

Tigua Gaming: Legislator Concerned That Women Can't Vote 


El Paso Times: Women have never voted in 300 years of Tigua ceremonial tribal council elections, and now the tradition is threatening to derail the tribe's efforts at the state Capitol to restart gambling at Speaking Rock Casino.

What Anti-Gay Hate Should Be Telling Us In Oklahoma 


RH Reality Check: Public school teacher Debra Taylor's resignation over teaching "The Laramie Project" to Oklahoma high schoolers is but one instance of a hostile environment for LGBT youth across the country.

Rural Women Still Have Few Rights To Land In Uganda 


The Guardian: The Ugandan government, academia and NGOs need to change their attitudes towards customary law if rural women are to have equal rights to land, argue Judy Adoko and Simon Levine, from the Land and Equity Movement in Uganda.

Saudi Women To Spurn Lingerie Shops Over Salesmen 


AP via Google: A group of Saudi women - sick of having to deal with male sales staff when buying bras or panties, not to mention frilly negligees or thongs - have launched a campaign this week to boycott lingerie stores until they employ women.

Police Save 11 From Trafficking 


BBC: Police in Northern Ireland have rescued 11 people from human traffickers in the past year.

Are Women Doing Better Or Worse In IT Since Ada Lovelace? 


The Guardian: On "Ada Lovelace day" on Tuesday, the Women in IT scorecard from Intellect, which represents the UK IT industry, showed that only 23% of the 1.2m IT workforce are female, compared with 45% in the UK working population as a whole.

HEALTH-PAKISTAN: Spacing Births For Mother And Child


IPS: Health experts in Pakistan are now concentrating on getting women from all strata of society to space births.

Reflections On Leadership In Honor Of Gloria's Birthday  


Feministing: Yes, that Gloria. She turns 75 today and, as much, I thought it would be an opportune time to reflect on leadership within contemporary feminism.

One Group's Music, Telling Of A Struggle For Survival In The Holocaust 


NY Times: The Birkenau group had some accomplished players and was led by the violin virtuoso and conductor Alma Rosé, a niece of Gustav Mahler and also a prisoner at Auschwitz. Nazi officers formed the ensemble for their listening pleasure, but also for practical purposes.

No Place Like Home In The Women's Tournament  


NY Times: Not that we don't love upsets, and not that we don't love the N.C.A.A. women's tournament for dialing them up nightly for us (press # if you want a No. 1 to tumble ... ) but this mystifying home-court situation has our sensibilities in a kerfuffle.

Female Ski Jumpers Renew Call For Olympic Inclusion 


Vancouver Sun: Female ski jumpers continue to fight an uphill battle in their quest to compete in the Winter Olympic Games.

Serena Williams Squeezes In Time To Rule Women's Tennis 


Miami Herald: I would like to personally thank Serena Williams for taking time out of her busy schedule to dominate women's tennis.