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WMC Daily News Brief: Jill Zuckman, Kirsten Gillibrand, Pakistan

February 17, 2009

WMC Daily News Brief: Jill Zuckman, Kirsten Gillibrand, Pakistan Chicago Reporter Latest Journalist To Join Obama 2/17/09 DC Examiner: Chicago Tribune Washington correspondent Jill Zuckman is the latest of several high-profile journalists and the second Tribune reporter to join the Obama administration to work as director of public affairs for Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, an Illinois Republican. Gillibrand’s Affinity For Asia Becomes An Asset 2/15/09 NY Times: It is customary for politicians eager to connect with ethnic voters to butcher a few words in foreign tongues. But Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand is no ordinary politician when it comes to linguistic and cultural comfort. Pakistan Agrees Sharia Law Deal 2/16/09 BBC: Pakistan has signed a peace deal with a Taleban group that will lead to the enforcement of the Islamic Sharia law in the restive Swat valley… Their campaign against female education has led to tens of thousands of children being denied an education, our correspondent says. The Death Of The News 2/17/09 What is really threatened by the decline of newspapers and the related rise of online media is reporting -- on-the-ground reporting by trained journalists who know the subject, have developed sources on all sides, strive for objectivity and are working with editors who steer them in the right direction. The Morgue 2/17/09 The New Republic: You can count up the journalists who have left the profession and are out of work, but much of the carnage of the ongoing media industry can't be measured or seen. With fewer watchdogs, you get less barking. How can we know what we'll never know? Though Many Are Stalked, Few Report It 2/15/09 NY Times: Whether they are obsessed fans fixating on celebrities or former romantic partners, stalkers typically invoke spurned love — real or imagined — to defend their actions. But stalkers seldom have to justify their behavior in the legal system because only one in three cases is reported to the authorities. Lilly Ledbetter's Search For Lost Income, Part II 2/17/09 Women's eNews: Lilly Ledbetter lost her Supreme Court battle for fair pay. Now retired and a widow, her battle shifted to her Social Security office, which lost her February check. Her story shows how workers who suffer wage bias can feel the sting in retirement. Coretta Scott King Named To Alabama Hall Of Fame 2/16/09 AP via Atlanta Journal Constitution: Coretta Scott King has been selected for the Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame a year after another key figure in the civil rights movement, Rosa Parks. Beverly Eckert, Leader Of Families Of 9/11 Victims, Dies At 57 2/14/09 NY Times: Beverly Eckert, who became a prominent spokeswoman for the families of 9/11 victims after her husband was killed in the attacks, died Thursday in the plane crash near Buffalo. Alison Des Forges, 66, Human Rights Advocate, Dies 2/14/09 NY Times: Alison L. Des Forges, a human rights activist and historian who tried to call the world’s attention to the looming genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and who later wrote what is considered the definitive account of the eventual slaughter, was among the passengers killed on Continental Airlines Flight 3407. Iraqi Women Get Posts, But Want Power And Respect 2/17/09 AP via Google: Women candidates are expected to fill many of the seats on provincial governing councils when results of last month's nationwide elections are certified later this week. But winning public acceptance in this male-dominated society is another matter. In Quest For Equal Rights, Muslim Women’s Meeting Turns To Islam’s Tenets 2/16/09 NY Times: The religious order banning women from dressing like tomboys was bad enough. But the fatwa by Malaysia’s leading clerics against yoga was the last straw. Female Pols In Ghana Reflect On Recent Power Drain 2/17/09 Women's eNews: Two female parliamen- tarians in Ghana reflect on how much harder it is for women to win political campaigns than be appointed to office. Money, inexperience and social bias can all stand in the way. Demure Diplomacy 2/15/09 NY Times: Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the first lady of France, looked out the window of her 13-seat military jet as it touched down here, spotted the red carpet and receiving party awaiting her, and suddenly realized what she was wearing. 'Gravity Birth' Pulls Women To Ecuador Hospital 2/15/09 Women's eNews: As part of a national effort to lower infant and maternal mortality in Ecuador, one hospital runs a "vertical maternity ward" with upright deliveries and the services of traditional midwives. Amid growing popularity, other hospitals are following suit. Rwanda: Maternal Mortality - The Unfortunate Price Of Life 2/17/09 The New Times via Child bearing is one of the biggest health risks for women worldwide and the women in the world's least developed countries are 300 times more likely to die in childbirth than those in developed countries. Not Tonight, Honey, And Who Knows Why? 2/17/09 RH Reality Check: Journalists are happy to report on the sexual desire gap between women and men. But they refuse to ask why the gap persists. Picture Emerging On Genetic Risks Of IVF 2/17/09 NY Times: Over the past 30 years, in vitro fertilization has been reassuringly safe. Millions of healthy children have been born and developed normally. And the first IVF baby, Louise Brown, born in England on July 25, 1978, now has her own child, 2-year-old Cameron, conceived without the technique. Varying Sweat Scents Are Noted By Women 2/17/09 NY Times: Men’s sweat smells different when they are sexually aroused, and women can tell the difference, a new study finds — even though they are not conscious of it. Exclusive Interview With Maya Angelou 2/17/09 Huffington Post: Maya Angelou shares her thoughts on Obama, coping with hard times, her hopes for humanity and her new book, Letter to My Daughter. The Enduring Clicks Of An Ancient Game 2/17/09 NY Times: The women of the Manhattan Mah Jongg Club know when to quiet down. When chatter about weekends and grandchildren threatens to drown out calls of cracks, bams and dots, Linda Feinstein, the group’s leader, puts a lifeguard whistle to her lips. Messy Reality Behind Stylish Jobs 2/15/09 NY Times: Much like its predecessors in the growing genre of television shows and movies aimed at aspiring fashionistas, “Running in Heels,” a new docu-series about life inside the offices of Marie Claire magazine, seems designed to disillusion anyone from thinking that all jobs in fashion are fabulous. Hindu Goddess As Betty Boop? It’s Personal 2/15/09 NY Times: What do a 3,000-year-old Sanskrit epic, a ’20s-era jazz singer and Indonesian shadow puppets have in common? They’re all part of “Sita Sings the Blues,” an animated feature that required creator Nina Paley to spend three years transforming herself into a one-woman moving-picture studio. Women’s Pro Teams Struggle For Recognition 2/16/09 NY Times: Five hours before the Tour of California’s caravan of bikes, vans and team cars headed into this city Sunday for the finish of Stage 1, a group of women’s cyclists prepared for its own race here. A Political Swing At One Player Sours A Tournament For All 1/16/09 NY Times: Shahar Peer, an Israeli, was scheduled to play a Russian, Anna Chakvetadze, in the first round Monday of the Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships, but there was always the specter of real-world invasion, the matter of a visa being granted to a Jewish player traveling on an Israeli passport.