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WMC Daily News Brief - Grego, Title IX, Italy

July 15, 2008

Melissa Grego Joins B&C as Executive Editor 7/14/08 Broadcasting and Cable: Melissa Grego is joining Broadcasting & Cable as executive editor, reporting directly to editor Ben Grossman.Based in Los Angeles, Grego will be actively involved in overseeing and executing both print and digital initiatives for the authoritative brand. A New Frontier for Title IX: Science 7/15/08 NY Times: Until recently, the impact of Title IX, the law forbidding sexual discrimination in education, has been limited mostly to sports. But now, under pressure from Congress, some federal agencies have quietly picked a new target: science. Italy Grapples With Polygamy 7/15/08 LA Times: Thousands of polygamous marriages have sprung up throughout Italy as a byproduct of a fast-paced and voluminous immigration by Muslims to this Roman Catholic country. Despite the obvious culture clash, Italian authorities largely turn a blind eye, leaving women in a murky semi-clandestine world with few rights and no recourse when things go especially badly. In India, Magazines That Translate Well 7/14/08 NY Times: An explosion of Western magazines has hit newsstands in India in the past 12 months, pitching a familiar mix of consumption and gossip, relationship advice and expensive goodies. Indian versions of Vogue, Rolling Stone, OK!, Hello, Maxim, FHM, Golf Digest, People and Marie Claire have all sprung up this year. Want Obama in a Punch Line? 7/15/08 NY Times: On Monday, The New Yorker magazine tried dipping its toe into broad satire involving Senator Obama with a cover image depicting the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and his wife, Michelle, as fist-bumping, flag-burning, bin Laden-loving terrorists in the Oval Office. The response from both Democrats and Republicans was explosive.

Obama Pledges Economic Security for Working Women in Montana 7/15/, Helena: Barack Obama, the presumed Democratic presidential nominee, said Monday he would provide economic security for working women in Montana and elsewhere through proposed tax cuts, a higher minimum wage and an expansion of paid sick leave and child-care tax credits.

Obama Needs To Speak Truth, Not Tack To Center 7/15/08 DesMoines Register: Obama stands accused of softening stances with a politician's eye toward a November election in which the Upper Midwest will play their traditional battleground roles. He should remember how he won a region that is whiter and more rural but also more populist and progressive than the rest of America. Here's a hint: He didn't do it by tacking to the right.

Sorority Celebrates Michelle Obama's Acceptance 7/14/08 NY Times: Michelle Obama is sometimes compared to Jackie Kennedy, but she may now have something in common with another first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. The wife of F.D.R. became a honorary member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, an historically black organization founded in 1908, and the group announced this week at its Centennial Convention in Washington that Mrs. Obama had agreed to join. Beer Money: The McCains and the InBev, Anheuser-Busch Deal 7/14/08 NY Times: Cindy McCain, the wife of Senator John McCain — who inherited a Phoenix beer distributorship that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars — will reap a tidy windfall from the $52 billion sale of Anheuser-Busch to the Belgian brewer InBev. But exactly how much she will make from the deal, which was announced Monday, is unclear. Abortion Proposal Sets Condition on Aid 7/15/08 NY Times:The Bush administration wants to require all recipients of aid under federal health programs to certify that they will not refuse to hire nurses and other providers who object to abortion and even certain types of birth control.

Escape From the Holy Shtetl 7/21/08 New York Magazine: After her arranged marriage, at age 17, to Joel Grunwald who would become Esther Miriam’s father, that Gitty knew “I didn’t want to be one of those women who pop out babies every eighteen months and think whatever their husbands tell them to …” In 2007, Gitty fled Kiryas Joel, taking Esther Miriam with her. In January, Esther Miriam was taken. State Sees Economics Of Gay Marriage 7/15/08 Boston Globe: Morality, personal liberty, and constitutional law have been the usual battlegrounds in the fight over gay marriage. Now Governor Deval Patrick's administration is injecting something a bit more pedestrian to the debate: economic development. Afghan Woman Athlete Seeks Political Asylum 7/14/08 Feminist Wire via Ms. Magazine: Mehbooba Andyar, Afghan's only female athlete scheduled to compete at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, disappeared from her training facility in Italy. According to Spiegel International, Andyar told her parents she is seeking political asylum in Europe due to death threats spread by extremists who disapprove of women taking part in sports. Nigeria: Ondo Empowers Women, Youths With N3 Billion 7/15/08 The Ondo State government has disbursed N3 billion to women and youths to empower them within the past three years. Margaret Akinsuroju, the Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development said the amount was part of efforts at empowerment through micro-credit and macro-finances. Where Surgeons Are in Short Supply, One Country Trains a Team of Saviors 7/15/08 NY Times:“Birth of a Surgeon,” on Tuesday on PBS’s “Wide Angle” series, tells an admirable story of midwives and other women in Mozambique who are being trained to perform Caesarean sections and other types of surgery to counteract a severe shortage of doctors. Welcome New Attention to Maternal Care in Sudan 7/15/08 Mail & Guardian: Juba, Sudan’s capital, now has a proper maternity ward. In its first five days, it dealt with 46 normal births and six caesarean sections. Government officials estimate only 25% of the population has access to even the most basic medical care; the new ward offers women from Juba and its surrounds the best care available. Women's Health: Men Have No Idea What Women Go Through At Doctor 7/14/08 One area in which gender differences have been found to cause differences in research outcomes is the study of cardiovascular disease. We've always known that women get heart disease at different rates than men.We have even overlooked or ignored the statistics which tell us that the leading cause of death for women is not cancer, but heart disease. Breast Self-Exams Don't Reduce Breast Cancer Deaths 7/15/08 It is a staple of women's health advice and visits to the OB/GYN: the monthly breast self-exam to check for lumps or other changes that might signal breast cancer. However, a review of recent studies says there is no evidence that self-exams actually reduce breast cancer deaths. Asthma Risk From Pregnancy Nuts 7/15/08 BBC: Nearly 4,000 pregnant women completed diet questionnaires, and their children were monitored for eight years. The results, published in a US journal, suggest that potent allergens found in some nuts might prime the fetus to be allergy-prone. New CEO at Sports Foundation Mulls Marketing Moves 07/15/08 Women’s eNews: After opening a Hall of Fame for women's sports and switching CEOs, the Women's Sports Foundation is at a crucial juncture. In a tighter marketplace for sponsors, the group finds itself competing with the results of its own Title IX success. Bullish On Sports Dreamers, Doers 7/13/08 Boston Globe: The word "courage" gets tossed around a lot in sports.We gained a new appreciation for the term when we visited the Sports Museum of America and read about Aja Frary. At 15, when her stepfather tried to force her to give up sports, she moved in with her grandparents and went on to become one of the top track athletes in the country.