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WMC Daily News Brief: Funding Women-Focused Media, Noncustodial Mothers, Pakistan

March 27, 2009

Women's Media: It's Time To Focus On Funding


Women's eNews: Media inattention to Women's History Month doesn't stop there. It extends to such deadly horrors as sexual violence in war-torn areas of the world. Ariel Dougherty says that's why she's spearheading a new way of funding women-focused media projects.

Mothering From Afar 


Brain, Child: Kim Voichescu is a real mother, but she doesn't live with her children. She doesn't have physical custody of her two boys, now ten and thirteen, but she does share joint legal custody with their father, and that entitles her to access their educational records and to other parental rights.

Pakistan Crumbling  


NY Times: Over the past 16 months the Taliban has wreaked havoc in parts of Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province and thousands of people have fled the region out of fear and instability. The impact on women has been devastating.

Newspapers' Self-Inflicted Blows 


San Francsico Gate: Allow me to use these dwindling column inches to float an alternate hypothesis: While technological and economic forces certainly battered newspapers, journalism also delivered a one-two punch to its own jaw.

Reasons To Believe


Columbia Journalism Review: CJR’s running total of journalists laid off or bought out since January 2007 was 11,250 by mid-February, and we surely missed some. Our fear is that America won’t realize what it has lost until the mainstream press is a ninety-pound weakling—online, on paper, on whatever.

Bad News Week For Newspapers

AP via Is it Friday yet? For staffers at The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, this week can’t end soon enough.

'Christian Science Monitor' Publishes Final Daily Edition 


AP via Editor & Publisher: As the final daily issue of the 100-year-old Christian Science Monitor was put to bed Thursday, the newspaper was planning its rebirth as a spruced-up weekly.

"China's Oprah" Signs For Hollywood Representation 


Reuters: Yang Lan, one of China's most prominent media entrepreneurs, has signed with the high-powered Creative Artists Agency.

As New Lawyer, Senator Defended Big Tobacco 


NY Times: Now in the Senate seat formerly held by Hillary Rodham Clinton, Ms. Gillibrand plays down her work as a lawyer representing Philip Morris, saying she was a junior associate with little control over the cases she was handed and limited involvement in defending the tobacco maker.

For Some, A Patchwork Of Jobs Pays The Bills 


AP via Boston Globe: Simone Sneed has been a brand ambassador for a phone company, a backup singer in a local theater, a freelance grant writer, and a psychic in a scavenger hunt - all for a day.

New York City Bill Would Protect Clinic Patients From Harassment


RH Reality Check: The last thing anyone needs in this recession is another barrier standing in the way of health care, especially when that barrier takes the form of threats, intimidation, and physical barriers to clinics.

LABOUR-US: The Daddy Dilemma 


IPS: More men are taking advantage of paternity leave or even quitting their jobs entirely to raise small children while their wives go to work, but the social stigma attached to fathers who take on roles traditionally viewed as female has been far slower to diminish.

MEDIA-PERU:  Women Outnumber, But Men Have The Power


IPS: At the start of the new academic year at Peruvian universities this month, women made up between 65 and 72 percent of students in first-year courses in communication and journalism departments, a phenomenon that is reflected in the growing presence of women reporters in newspapers all over the country.

Haute Horlogerie, Precision Engineered For Women, By Women 


NY Times: The Swiss watchmaking industry is one of the ultimate male bastions of the Western world. In the four centuries since the founding of the watchmakers’ guild of Geneva in 1601, it had never witnessed an independent woman watchmaker — until the arrival of Giselle Rufer, and her watch label, Delance.

Women Excel In The Watchmaking World 


NY Times: Brigitte Carneiro, 29, was born in Alsace to immigrant Portuguese parents, and after graduating from technical school found a job 10 years ago in the workshop of Patek Philippe in Geneva, before joining BNB Concept, a specialist Swiss producer of complicated watch calibers for luxury brands, set up in 2004.

Taking The Wraps Off Condoms 


EmpowerHer: Condoms have come a long way. Currently, a mother-daughter team is doing their part to promote women being pro-active about their own health and sexuality.

Female Ski Jumpers Earn Opportunity To Plead Their Case 


Vancouver Sun: There is a sign of progress as female ski jumpers, who are excluded from the Olympics, seek to meet with the International Olympic Committee.

Kim Yu-Na Skates While Carrying The Hopes Of South Korea  


NY Times: South Korea lost to its archrival, Japan, in the World Baseball Classic on Monday. Now attention has shifted to figure skating, where the South Korean Kim Yu-na is one of the favorites to win the world championships.

A Long Way From Home, Moving At Great Speed 


NY Times: For the jockey, Maylan Studart, a 20-year-old Brazilian who moved to Queens last fall to compete in a male-dominated sport and send part of her earnings home to her fractured family, it was the culmination of an unlikely, often lonely, journey.