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WMC Daily News Brief: Financing Journalism, Senate, Democratic Republic of Congo

February 23, 2009

The New Hybrids: Why The Debate About Financing Journalism Misses The Point.

2/21/09 Reporting has always been an economically challenged activity. Even at their most successful, top-tier media institutions have never adhered to a simple, or single, business model. They are even less likely to follow one in the future.

Female Candidates Line Up For 2010 

2/23/09 A slew of formidable female candidates, mostly Democrats, are lining up to run for the Senate in 2010, enough to raise the prospect of a surge of women into a chamber that currently has just 17 women senators.

The Invisible War    


NY Times: Perhaps we've heard so little about them because the crimes are so unspeakable, the evil so profound.  For years now, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, marauding bands of soldiers and militias have been waging a war of rape and destruction against women.

Philadelphia Papers File Chapter 11 


Washington Post: When Brian Tierney bought the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News in 2006, he boasted that he would improve the newspapers through smart management and an intense focus on local news. It didn't work. 

President Obama And The Role Of The Ethnic Press 


LA Times: But Barack Obama's forays into sometimes marginalized ethnic media outlets also renew a strategy dating to the Reagan administration and earlier -- finding alternatives to reach around the mainstream media and speak to loyal constituents.

Articles On Editor's Killing Made A Difference  


NY Times: When Chauncey Bailey, the editor of The Oakland Post, in California, was gunned down in broad daylight on a city street 18 months ago, it was not the end of his journalism. In some ways, it was a new beginning.

Mary Jacobus, 52, N.Y. Times Co. Executive 


Boston Globe: Like many newspaper executives, Mary Jacobus spent the past several years trying to balance the reporting objectives of the publications she ran with a steady loss of revenue, primarily due to the Internet.

Former EBay Chief Tries A New Bid. It's Political.  


NY Times: Meg Whitman, a former chief executive of eBay, once said that running the Internet auction site was like being the mayor of a large city, with the mix of politics, competing constituencies and widespread resistance to change.

Clinton Reshapes Diplomacy By Tossing The Script  


NY Times: On Friday morning, Hillary Rodham Clinton was the picture of a stern superpower diplomat, warning North Korea not to test a long-range ballistic missile. A few hours later, she was asked by a giggly Korean student how she knew she had fallen in love with her husband.

Paterson Had Staff Deny Kennedy Was Top Choice  


NY Times: For the first time, Gov. David A. Paterson acknowledged Friday that he personally ordered his staff to contest Caroline Kennedy's version of events in the hours after she withdrew from consideration to be United States senator.

Looking Beyond the (D): New Anti-Choice Dems Join Congress 


RH Reality Check: Pro-choice initiatives from Prevention First to zeroing out abstinence-only funding will need support from socially conservative Democrats. That's why we need to understand the aims of anti-choice Dems.

Schakowsky: Pushing For More After Ledbetter 


Women's eNews: Rep. Jan Schakowsky is hoping for a "big change moment" to tackle women's concerns. Even so, a bundle of bills propose incremental reforms that could add up. Sixth in a series on members of Congress who are advancing issues raised by the WeNews Memo.

S.E.C. Chief Pursues Tougher Enforcement  


NY Times: Less than a month after becoming the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Mary L. Schapiro is moving swiftly to reverse major decisions by her predecessor and to strengthen an enforcement program that missed several major frauds that cost investors billions of dollars.

Endowment Director Is On Harvard's Hot Seat  


NY Times: Harvard may be the nation's wealthiest university, but it is short on cash.  Turning the ship around turns heavily on Jane Mendillo, who took over the Harvard endowment on July 1 - which in hindsight looks like the worst possible moment to step into a job once held by some legendary investors.

Finally, A Glimmer Of Light: More Women In Leadership Is Better For Business 


Women's International Perspective:   In one week, two major economic articles in national newspapers raise the same point - we need more women in top leadership. Why? Because we need more balanced risk-taking, more looking at the long-term and less testosterone-driven hyper-competitiveness.

Ab-Only Group Shamed Into Changing Victim-Blaming Website 


RH Reality Check: The Ohio program Abstinence 'Till Marriage no longer victim-shames on their website. A small victory -- but now we need to end funding for all failed abstinence-only programs.

Before Big Dinner, The First Lady Gives A Kitchen Tour  


NY Times: As with so many other things, the first lady, Michelle Obama, is putting her stamp on entertaining at the White House.

Sisters, Victims, Heroes  


NY Times: Suad Ahmed, 27, fled from Darfur to a refugee camp in Chad five years ago with her husband and beloved younger sister.  I grilled her to make absolutely sure she understood the dangers of publicity and finally asked her why she was willing to assume the risks. She replied simply, "This is the only way I have to fight genocide."

Rights-Pakistan:  Peace Deal With Taliban Setback For Women 


IPS: The ceasefire agreement reached by the provincial government in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) and the Taliban on Feb.16, involving implementation of shariah (Islamic law), is being seen as a setback for women's rights in the area bordering Afghanistan.

Iraq's War Widows Face Dire Need With Little Aid  


NY Times: Her twin sisters were killed trying to flee Falluja in 2004. Then her husband was killed by a car bomb in Baghdad just after she had become pregnant. When her own twins were 5 months old, one was killed by an explosive planted in a Baghdad market.

Ecuador Police Seize Foreign Women At Airport 


Women's eNews: A Paraguayan was on her way home from Ecuador when a man persuaded her to carry bottles of shampoo on the plane. Now she's in a Quito detention facility with a growing number of women on drug charges. First of three stories about women in the jail.

Growing Up Pro-Life: Talking About Abortion 


RH Reality Check: Yes, anti-choice ideology is fundamentally sexist. But I didn't know this when I was a pro-lifer, and I do not believe hatred of women is an intentional part of the belief system of most people in that movement.

Oscars 2009: Loveleen Tandan - The Unsung Hero Of Slumdog Millionaire 


Times (UK): She found the film's stars - then found herself co-directing the movie. Loveleen Tandan reflects on India, acclaim and peanut butter.

You Say Beauty. I Say Duty.  


NY Times: Today's little girl is part of a generation cursed by a precocious hyper-awareness of the necessity of upkeep. The much longer list of mandatory body parts she has grown to believe need grooming seems oppressive.

A Radical Vixen Retakes The Stage  


NY Times: Jane Fonda,  it's hard to believe, is 71. While the rest of us have just about managed one life, she's had half a dozen. She has been a sex kitten, a fashion model, a radical and war protester, an Oscar-winning movie star, an exercise impresario and the consort of a billionaire.

Martha, Oprah ... Gwyneth?  


NY Times: The black leather hot pants were a far cry from the pink Ralph Lauren gown she wore when accepting her Oscar for "Shakespeare in Love" in 1999. But there she was - Gwyneth Paltrow - at the Sunshine Cinema on the Lower East Side in the middle of February, for the opening of her latest drama, "Two Lovers."