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WMC Daily News Brief: Domino Magazine, Hillary Clinton, Egypt

February 5, 2009

A Girl World Closes, And Fans Mourn  


NY Times: When Domino magazine folded last week, another casualty of the economic smack-down, a howl of protest rang through the blogosphere. Fans of the girlish, how-to decorating magazine owned by Condé Nast were vociferous in their disappointment.

Clinton Tries To Reassure A State Dept. In Transition  


NY Times: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton sought Wednesday to assuage concern within the State Department that the appointment of two high-profile special emissaries would elbow aside the department’s professional diplomats.

Egypt Puts Tougher Sex-Harassment Law On Agenda 


Women's eNews: Egypt's parliament is expected to pass new sexual harassment legislation this year after two high-profile court cases and two studies in 2008 shined a spotlight on the problem.

Alms for the Press? 

2/3/09 We've finally reached the point at which some of the finest minds doing the biggest thinking about the battered news business believe the best eraser for red ink is … charity.

The Beast That Roared (For A While!) 


NY Observer: Could it be that Tina Brown’s new site, the Daily Beast, is a victim of its own relentless buzz?

Media Group Says 109 Media Workers Killed In 2008 


AP via Google: At least 109 reporters and media workers were killed either intentionally or accidentally last year while on assignment, the International Federation of Journalists said Wednesday.

The Question Splitting The Nation: Was BBC Right To Sack Carol Thatcher? 


The  Guardian: It's day three of the Carol Thatcher story, and a faultline has opened up across the nation. There are many who were shocked by Thatcher's use of the word golliwog, and many more who are equally outraged that she could be sacked for uttering it.

House Votes To Delay Digital TV Transition By Four Months 


LA Times: Congress on Thursday granted a four-month reprieve to the millions of consumers who risk losing access to television signals during the nation's switch from over-the-air television to digital.

$400 Million To Prevent STIs - Wasteful?


RH Reality Check: House Republicans recently announced their idea of what is wasteful in the stimulus bill. On the list? A proposal for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to get $400 million for STI screening and prevention.

Can Pro-Choice People Support The Pregnant Women Support Act? 


RH Reality Check: Neutralizing income as a determining factor for what a woman does in her reproductive life is reproductive justice. Much of the Pregnant Women Support Act is a means to that end. But the bill would also prop up crisis pregnancy centers.

Aldermaston Women Win Camp Fight 


BBC: Anti-nuclear weapons campaigners have won a battle to quash a special "no camping" by-law which could have put an end to their famous women's peace camp.

Reliving The Tragedy 


CBC News (Canada): Quebec actress Karine Vanasse says she became involved in Polytechnique, the first film to be made about the Montreal Massacre, to tell a side of the story she believes hasn’t been heard — that of the male survivors of the massacre.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Clinic 


RH Reality Check: Laughter is part of so many life experiences, including some of the most intense and challenging ones. Yet when it comes to abortion, humor can seem almost entirely taboo.

Breast Cancer Risk Drops After Women Stop Hormone Use 


USA Today: Studies repeatedly have linked long-term use of postmenopausal hormones to an increased risk of breast cancer, but new research suggests that the risk falls markedly within two years of quitting treatment.

Research Shows Hispanic Women Get Breast Cancer Treatment Late


CNN: Research suggests that breast cancer may be harder to treat in Hispanic women because they wait longer to receive care.

At The Cleaners, One Woman Seeks Gender Equality  


NY Times: For women across New York City and beyond, it basically amounts to being taken to the cleaners. Women’s shirts often cost much more to launder than men’s, even if they are smaller and made of the same cloth.

Last Balanchine Dancer Bowing Out  


NY Times: Darci Kistler, the last remaining ballerina at New York City Ballet to have been molded and hired by its co-founder George Balanchine, plans to retire in the 2010 season, she said on Wednesday.

The Make Or Break Season  


NY Times: The age of the young designer, however, may be coming to an end.  As stores reduce orders by 20 percent or more for fall, the toll on small fashion businesses, many without independent financial backing, is likely to be severe.

Major Accomplishment For Vonn 


Boston Globe: For all her accomplishments, including overall World Cup winner last year, Lindsey Vonn lacked one achievement - a gold medal from a major event. But the 24-year-old from Park City, Utah, took care of that Tuesday as she scorched her way to gold in the super-G. It was her third win in five days.

Iran Denies Visas For U.S. Women's Badminton Team 


Washington Post: Iran did not issue visas for a group of U.S. female badminton players it had invited to compete in the country in events starting Friday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday, citing the "time-consuming process" of handling such applications.

The Huntress Club: Duck Hunting Sorority In The Swamp  


NY Times: They call themselves the Swamp Witches, a half-dozen women pledged to return twice a year to the Ward Lake Hunting Club, a privately owned 6,500-acre conservation parcel here in the floodplain of the Mississippi Delta.