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WMC Daily News Brief: Anna Politkovskaya, Hillary Clinton, Foreign Aid

February 19, 2009

Verdict Imminent In Slaying Of Russian Journalist, But Justice Is Far Off 2/19/09 LA Times: Three men are on trial as accessories in the death of investigative reporter Anna Politkovskaya. But many fear that if they are found guilty, the search for the killers will fizzle. Clinton Tells Of Why She Took The Job 2/19/09 NY Times: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton visited a development program in a working-class Jakarta neighborhood and spoke about her decision to work for the man who defeated her for the presidential nomination, on her second day in Indonesia before flying to Seoul. 'Everybody Knows It Doesn't Work' 2/19/09 The Guardian: Despite receiving more than $1 trillion from the west over the last half century, Africa remains in dire economic straits. Dambisa Moyo thinks aid is to blame and should stop now. She talks to Aida Edemariam Michelle And The Media 2/19/09 New Statesman: We all knew change was coming: that we were going to have a president who would shut down Guantanamo Bay, whose election would mark the end of racial injustice, who could conceivably take environmental concerns seriously. . . But who knew, folks, that his wife would be able to choose clothes and then wear them? Who knew? How Low Will Newspapers' Ad Revenues Go? 2/19/09 Washington Post: The NY Times, which has barely cut its 1,300-person newsroom, the largest in the business, remains in better shape than many newspapers. The debate over its future is merely a snapshot of the argument over how to save newspapers from turning into tomorrow's Detroit automakers. 5 Big Papers To Share Articles And Photos 2/19/09 NY Times: Five major newspapers in New Jersey and New York announced on Wednesday that they would share articles and photographs, adding to a growing movement in an industry that is seeking new ways to cope with shrinking resources. Pakistani Reporter Is Killed After Celebration Of Truce 2/19/09 NY Times: A rally to celebrate a day-old peace deal between the government and a hard-line Islamic cleric in the Swat Valley ended ominously Wednesday when a Pakistani television journalist was shot and killed after covering the march. Not All Information Wants To Be Free 2/19/09 Paid content's failures are well-documented. These failures tell us much about what customers refused to pay for on the Web. But they tell us little about what customers will pay for. NY Post Cartoon Of Dead Chimpanzee Stirs Outrage 2/19/09 Boston Globe: A New York Post cartoon that some have interpreted as comparing President Barack Obama to a violent chimpanzee gunned down by police drew outrage Wednesday from civil rights leaders and elected officials who said it echoed racist stereotypes of blacks as monkeys. Facebook's About-Face On Data 2/19/09 Wall Street Journal: Facebook Inc.'s retreat from changes to its terms of service highlights a debate over the ownership of user information on social-networking sites, and the increasingly important role such data play in company business models. Kansas Governor Seen As Top Choice In Health Post 2/19/09 NY Times: Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, an early Obama ally with a record of working across party lines, is emerging as the president’s top choice for secretary of health and human services, advisers said Wednesday. Visiting Pope, Pelosi Hears A Call To Protect Life 2/19/09 NY Times: Nancy Pelosi is the highest-ranking Democrat to meet with the pope since the election of President Obama, whose administration’s support of abortion rights worries many in the Vatican. Violence Funds Not Sheltered From Budget Cuts 2/19/09 Women's eNews: A study on shelters finds they help survivors meet a wide range of needs and advocates are lobbying for more funds to run them. But they worry that shelters and anti-violence programs won't be spared from recession-related spending cuts in Congress. North Dakota House Passes Egg-As-Person Bill 2/19/09 RH Reality Check: On Tuesday, one body of North Dakota's state legislature voted, 51-41, not only to ban abortion, but to define life as beginning at conception. Such a measure, considered extreme even by pro-life standards, would have far-reaching consequences on women's health. How Economic Recovery Helps Women, Families 2/19/09 RH Reality Check: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provides substantial economic help to women and families. Although it does not include all that we want, it represents a major re-ordering of priorities in funding. Defeating Amendment 48: Mobilizing Latinos, Union Workers In Colorado 2/19/09 RH Reality Check: The victory against Colorado's personhood amendment last fall was due in part to messaging that resonated with two voting blocs not often identified as dependable pro-choice voters - Latinos and labor union members. A Wake-Up Call For The Community 2/19/09 The Guardian: The brutal beheading of Aasiya Hassan, a Muslim Pakistani-American mother of four, will finally force a community to confront and remedy the overwhelming – but frequently ignored and intentionally hidden – demon of domestic violence that has persecuted its silenced women for far too long. New Lessons For The Army On Iraq Duty 2/19/09 NY Times: It was the battle against female suicide bombers in the north that truly tested the American forces. In a traditional Muslim society, women cannot be searched by men. Today more than 60 women are police officers, assigned to markets and other public locations to search for female bombers. Chilean Woman Living With HIV Sterilized Without Consent 2/19/09 RH Reality Check: After a year of unsuccessful lawsuits, a woman living with HIV and sterilized without her consent filed a complaint against Chile before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Health Groups Slam Tobacco Marketing To Women 2/18/09 HealthDay News via US News and World Report: New tobacco company marketing campaigns that target women and girls are the most aggressive in more than a decade, a new report concludes. England's Smith Latest To Sign With Breakers 2/19/09 Boston Globe: Kelly Smith of England's national team joined the Breakers yesterday as the Women's Professional Soccer team continued to build an impressive roster for its inaugural season.