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WMC Daily News Brief - ABC, Clinton, South Korea

July 31, 2008

ABC Studios Elevates Dungey to Fill Wandell's Post 7/30/08 TV Week: Channing Dungey has been upped to senior vice president of drama development for ABC Studios, replacing the departing Morgan Wandell. Ms. Dungey has been involved in the development of many ABC Studios series, including "Grey's Anatomy," "Criminal Minds" and "Army Wives." Hillary Clinton Agrees To Denver Keynote - Sign She's Not Running Mate 7/30/08 New York Daily News: Hillary Clinton has agreed to speak on Day 2 of the Democratic convention to commemorate the 88th anniversary of women's right to vote - a move seen by delegates as another sign she won't be on Barack Obama's ticket, the Daily News learned. South Korea to End Ban On Revealing Sex Of Babies 7/31/08 Boston Globe: South Korea's Constitutional Court overturned a ban on doctors telling parents the gender of unborn babies, saying Thursday the country has grown out of a preference for sons and that the restriction violates parents' right to know. South Korea introduced the ban in 1987 to try to prevent abortions of female fetuses. Black Women Given Short Shrift by CNN 7/31/08 The Daily Voice: CNN did all of America a grave disservice with its over-simplistic, decontextualized, and obsessively-hyped documentary on the Black American experience.  Upon the umpteenth showing of the special it finally hit me--the only additional image needed to really bring it home would have been a soft-shoe dancin', white-glove wearin', big grin sportin' minstrel interlude. Why Obama Should Pick Hillary 7/30/08 Huffington Post: Sen. Clinton is the only Democrat who gives Sen. Obama a statistically significant boost in any national poll results. This is simply a fact -- a product of Sen. Clinton's nearly 18-month national campaign in all 50 states and the 18 million votes she won. Female Pols in Comeback Runs Are Breaking Records 7/31/08 Women’s eNews: Sixteen women who lost congressional races in 2006 are giving it another go. That's a record number of female comeback bids and a tide-turning moment for women who often fade away after a failed campaign. $70 Million Effort Seeks New Safety Net for Workers 7/31/08 NY Times: Judith Rodin, the foundation's president, voiced concern this month that globalization had helped rip apart the social contract, dating from the 1940s, in which employers provided their workers with generous health coverage and pensions. Workers' Religious Freedom vs. Patients' Rights 7/30/08 Washington Post: A Bush administration proposal aimed at protecting health-care workers who object to abortion, and to birth-control methods they consider tantamount to abortion, has escalated a bitter debate over the balance between religious freedom and patients' rights. A Circle With a Deep Center 7/31/08 Washington Post: The circle, founded in 2006 and administered by the Washington Area Women's Foundation, represents a grass-roots phenomenon in philanthropy. The informal groups -- some of which are composed entirely of blacks, Asian Americans or Latinos -- award tens of millions of dollars a year to community-based causes. Anne Armstrong, Presidential Adviser and Pioneering Politician, Dies at 80 7/31/08 NY Times: Anne L. Armstrong, former presidential advisor and the first woman to serve as the United States ambassador to Britain, died in Houston. She was the first woman to be named to the cabinet-level position. Mrs. Armstrong created the White House Office of Women’s Programs to provide a liaison between the president and women’s groups. Uganda: Science Policy Unfair to Girls, Say Activists 7/31/08 Government policy of investing more in science courses is increasing the gender gap at higher levels of learning, women activists have said."The policy is leaving out girls and is a big threat to efforts of reducing the gender gap. We need to take action before it is late," Peace Musiimenta of the Makerere University gender department said. Councils and NHS Could Owe Female Workers Millions After Court Ruling 7/29/08 The Guardian, UK: Local authorities and NHS trusts could be forced to pay millions of pounds to female public sector workers after a crucial appeal court ruling today.  The decision by Lord Justice Mummery effectively outlaws gender discrimination in so-called pay protection schemes. Pre-Pregnancy Diabetes Tied To More Birth Defects 7/30/08 Diabetic women who get pregnant are three to four times more likely to have a child with birth defects than other women, according to new government research.  The study is the largest of its kind, and provides the most detailed information to date on types of birth defects that befall the infants of diabetic mothers. Media Hyping Viagra for Women for Drug Company Greed 7/31/08 Alternet: When headlines screamed Women Need Viagra Too! on the basis of a new JAMA study, it looked like more Viagra huckstering as usual. The study boasted that 72 percent of its participants -- women with antidepressant-associated sexual dysfunction -- responded favorably to Viagra. But the study size was only 98 and the blue pill's manufacturer, paid for it. Vogue: All White Now? 7/31/08 The Guardian, UK: Black women have little to gain from the magazine's 'black issue': it still presents 'whiteness' as the only desirable cultural standard and that's what must be challenged. The Role Is a Workout, but She’s Fit 7/29/08 NY Times: Estelle Parsons tears up the staircase in the haunted dollhouse of a set in the Broadway production of “August: Osage County” with the nimbleness of an Olympian. For the next several months this Oscar-winning actress will inhabit the role of Violet Weston, the matriarch of “August,” Tracy Letts’s Tony Award-winning play. Michelle Wie set for PGA, shrugs off critics 7/31/08 Seattle Times: Michelle Wie has heard the criticism of her decision to play in the Legends Reno-Tahoe Open this week instead of attempting to qualify for the Women's British Open. She isn't worried about what Annika Sorenstam and other top LPGA players think of her decision, either. Double Dutch Gets Status in the Schools 7/31/08 NY Times: As part of an effort to increase the number of students — particularly girls — participating in competitive athletics, the city will create coed double-dutch teams at 10 high schools, many in predominantly black neighborhoods like Bushwick, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Harlem where the ropes have long swung on asphalt playgrounds.