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Category: Feminism, Politics, Reproductive Rights

WMC Board Member Gloria Feldt Discusses Public Reaction to Komen Decision

| February 7, 2012

WMC Board Member and former President of Planned Parenthood Gloria Feldt has written an article for the Daily Beast on the implications of the recent Susan G. Komen Foundation’s decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood.

“If this were just about Planned Parenthood,” she writes, “or yet another battle over abortion, the outrage would be dissipating.”

The reality, however, is that “women saw enough red to get over the pink” and are in no place to forgive the Komen Foundation any time soon.  “The American Association of University Women cancelled plans to incorporate a Race for the Cure into their National Conference for College Women Leaders” and they haven’t changed their minds even after the Komen Foundation’s apology and semi-retraction of their decision.

Feldt views this public refusal to forgive the foundation as a step towards a stronger feminist solidarity. “Embracing our power,” she writes, “is how to overcome the shaming and false allegations toward women’s human right to make their own childbearing decisions and reproductive health services that have saved the lives of everyday women, pro-life in the largest sense of that word.” Check out the full article here.