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| March 8, 2012

The SxSW start up lounge at Beauty Bar.

Hello from Austin, TX! 

As the program coordinate at WMC, I'll be traveling the halls of the Austin Convention Center during the SXSW Interactive and Film Festival over the next 5 days to bring you the highlights of the conference and amplify women's voices! Here's my schedule.

This year women are making a clear presence with about 100 scheduled events. It's a great start, but let's keep in mind that's 100 out of 6,945 events. Having been to SXSW before, I can tell you the majority of attendees, presenters, authors, filmmakers and musicians featured are male. But SXSW won't tell you that. In fact, their demographics don't even take gender into consideration. But looking at the offering of events, it's clear women are stepping up to create programming made for and about women. For example, the Beauty Bar. Started by two DIY SXSW alumnus who walked around Austin last year looking for a place where women could hang out, be pampered and gather, but couldn't find it, Beauty Bar rented a space, gathered partner sponsors and made it happen. The event is sold out due to popularity. Similarly, HuffPo Women is holding an invite-only dinner for women on Friday and panels like Designing For Women, Tech Superwomen and How Women Present Themselves In The Digital Age already have a long list of attendees. And I'll be carrying around the WMC's new QR code enabling direct access to our report on the Status of Women in the Media!

If you're in the Austin area, here's is a list of the women and feminist-focused programming for the 2012 festival. Make sure to check back here for updates and follow @ElisaKreisinger, @WomensMediaCntr and our good friend Deanna Zadt @randomdeanna for up to the minute updates. Finally, leave your suggestions in the comments section or tweet me @ElisaKreisinger.