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We're Competing Against $2.8 Million

February 3, 2010

DontSitontheSidelinesWe alerted you to CBS’s decision to air an anti-choice ad during the Super Bowl sponsored by Focus on the Family, an organization that promotes forced pregnancy. Here at the Women’s Media Center, we didn’t have an extra $2.8 million lying around to run a counter-ad, but we did spearhead the coalition to get CBS and the NFL to pull the ad from the Super Bowl broadcast. We urgently need donations to continue this important fight against bias in the media. So far, the WMC, our coalition partners, and allied organizations have sent over 300,000 emails and letters to CBS, NFL, and Super Bowl advertising executives protesting the airing of this ad. We also launched a viral video campaign for activists to show what they think C-B-S really stands for. We’re competing with $2.8 million, and a recent online survey shows we’re winning on message. Focus on the Family’s ad has been generating the most negative online mentions of all the Super Bowl ads slated to air. This is just a first example of the WMC’s stepped-up advocacy against sexism and bias in our media — and we will not back down. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Make a donation now. PS: Make sure you check out our Top 10 Reasons the NFL Should Tell CBS to Scrap the Ad! You can still sign the letters to CBS, the NFL, and Super Bowl advertisers. Go to