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Watch-in for MTV's 16 & Loved - Support Teens Sharing Abortion Stories

December 22, 2010

Set your DVRs and TiVos for Dec 28th at 11:30p EST to show support for the first abortion coverage for MTV's popular series "16 & Pregnant!"

WMC is hosting another virtual Watch-In on Facebook, that we're asking everyone to join and invite their friends. Why?

Because for the first time in three seasons of MTV's popular series "16 & Pregnant," and one season of "Teen Mom," MTV is airing stories of teens who choose to have abortions, called “No Easy Decision.” Each episode reaches about 2 million viewers, so we need to ensure 'reality' television will continue to share stories of teens who choose abortions, as well as other options - Despite the backlash.

Women's Media Center urges you to show solidarity with Exhale, and to RSVP to LET MTV KNOW THAT KNOW YOU'RE WATCHING AND EXPECTING CONTINUED, BALANCED COVERAGE ABOUT ALL OF THE OPTIONS AND SUPPORT TEENS HAVE WHEN FACING UNINTENDED PREGNANCY and to show support for the brave teens who shared their stories for the show.

WMC’s VP of Programs Jamia Wilson will be live-blogging and tweeting the “16 and Loved” special along with a team of bloggers including Jessica Valenti,  Steph Herold, and Lynn Harris.

Join our conversation live on December 28th at 11:30PM EST. Follow the conversation live on Twitter with the hashtags #16andloved, #WMCwatchin, and #provoice.

Will you take a second to RSVP to our WMC Watch-in Facebook event, and then invite your friends? Thank you for your continued action! The WMC Team