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Watch Gloria Steinem’s Speech at the National Press Club

| November 20, 2013

The Women's Media Center is so proud of our co-founder Gloria Steinem!  Today she receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  She says she is accepting it on behalf of the movement (of course!).

Gloria Steinem is in Washington, DC today to accept her Presidential Medal of Freedom. On Monday she spoke at the National Press Club at an event arranged by Ms. Magazine where she talked about the future of and remaining challenges for the women’s rights movement. Steinem also took questions from the audience and even started an impromptu round of favorite book suggestions, both her's and the audience members’.

Watch her speech here:


Steinem also spoke to the Washington Post in an interview published today.

If Steinem’s life’s work has meaning to you, please take a moment to sign her Congratulations card today. The Women’s Media Center will be sharing your messages with Gloria Steinem.