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VOTERS ON THE VERGE: Election Day Special GRITtv Collaboration

November 4, 2008

GRITtv, The Nation, AlterNet, Air America, FireDogLake, Afro-Netizen, Brave New Films and the Media Consortium are collaborating on a live program, streaming online, 12 (noon) to 2 pm eastern, on Election Day.

Join LAURA FLANDERS, PHIL DONAHUE, JANE HAMSHER, RICHARD KIM, VICTOR NAVASKY, MARK GREEN, CHRIS RABB, CENK UYGAR, STEVE ROSENFELD, LILIANA SEGURA, KATHA POLLITT, DAVID SIROTA, BIKO BAKER of the League of Independent Voters, ELANA LEVIN of Unite/Here and DEANNA ZANDT for two hours of in-depth coverage, analysis, and reports from Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado and Pennsylvania. What’s happening where you are? Long lines? Broken machines? Euphoria? Panic? Send us your stories and be part of the conversation. This is YOUR ELECTION. GRITtv is YOUR TV.

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* CALL in toll-free at 866-466-2961.