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Upcoming: Omega’s Women & Power Conference

September 1, 2010

“Accountability, holism, integrity, service, simplicity, sustainability, teamwork, and welcoming.” The Omega Institute’s mission and values statement about says it all. From September 24 through 26, Omega will hold its annual Women & Power Conference, celebrating all of these values and the women who successfully practice them. The 2010 take on the conference is “Our Time to Lead,” a call for women of all backgrounds to own their leadership potential.  The impressive speakers range from political leaders like Kirsten Gillibrand to activists like Zainab Salbi to cultural icon Ani DiFranco to the amazing NYT columnist Gail Collins to… read the list yourself. Last year, WMC Founding Board Member Gloria Steinem delivered the keynote speech, and this year, we’re particularly excited to see President of The Paley Center and WMC Board Chair Emerita Pat Mitchell, as well as newly-minted Progressive Women’s Voices alum Manisha Thakor.  If you haven’t seen Thakor speak about finance yet, fix that.  (One recommendation: Saturday's appearance on CNN). In other words, we’re there, and we’re probably tweeting, with our VP of Programs Jamia Wilson covering the event for WMC.  Join us! After all, a “weekend of celebration and conversation” is only as good as its attendees.