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Top 10 Reasons the NFL Should Tell CBS to Scrap the Ad

February 1, 2010

DontSitontheSidelinesAs we begin the second week of our campaign asking CBS to pull the anti-choice Super Bowl ad sponsored by Focus on the Family, we are also increasing the pressure on the NFL to step in and pressure CBS to drop the ad.  Here's our "Top 10 Reasons the NFL Should Tell CBS to Scrap the Ad."
  1. Religious confessionals should be reserved for Sunday morning. Game time is 6:30pm.
  2. Two rules for my Super Bowl party: No double dipping. No double standards.
  3. The NFL has already got women cornered with the cheerleaders, beer ads, and pink fitted jerseys.
  4. Chips and guacamole – not Doritos and morality.
  5. Don't need Monday morning quarterbacking on my reproductive health decisions.
  6. I know someone who had an abortion – and I stand by her choice.
  7. We couldn’t even deal with Janet Jackson’s nipple, how are we going to manage abortion?
  8. The NFL would never allow a network to show obvious bias between the Saints and the Colts, and they shouldn’t allow it with choice.
  9. Abortion's a serious issue. I'd like to be sober when discussing.
  10. The last thing we need is CBS, the NFL, or their advertisers telling us when and how to have a family.
Do you have anything to add to this list? Leave them in the comments below...