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To the WMC Family: Transition News

August 20, 2009

I have some exciting transition news for you. As you may know, in 2005, Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem founded the WMC and asked me to join them in establishing an organization that would fight sexism in the media. In this short time we have created one of the most powerful, effective media advocacy organizations in the country. It's been exhilarating serving as founding president of the WMC. But now that the WMC is up, solid, and won some good battles, the timing is right for me to pursue new challenges. So, we're asking your help in finding the person who'll run the next leg of this great race to bring democracy to the media and make women visible and powerful in the media. I'll be fully engaged in the work of the WMC until we select that person--hopefully by November--and then serve as a senior advisor to the excellent work I anticipate in the WMC's future. The WMC founders and Board of Directors, our excellent Vice President Glennda Testone, and dedicated staff are all committed to building on this firm foundation. Some of our work: Advocacy:  Making media executives accountable for excluding women and people of color -- and allowing sexism and racism in their media; and the public aware through our viral campaigns like Sexism Sells, But We're Not Buying and Media Justice for Sotomayor, which gave proof positive to sexist and racist comments freely made--until we protested.  Hundreds of thousands of people joined us in our efforts to combat bias in the media. In testimony before the FCC, speeches across the country and in all kinds of media, we make sure women are not the "Invisible Majority." Creation of Media for Women: Women have written hundreds of serious commentaries on our website that would have otherwise gone unpublished; our blog, The Majority Post, provides a space for thoughtful consideration of the media -- and its treatment of women. We have important video projects coming soon. Our News Briefs aggregate the relevant stories of the day. And our weekly newsletter keeps our constituency at home and internationally informed of campaigns and news about women and the media. Media Training: Progressive Women's Voices is our highly selective intensive media training program for women leaders and journalists. In two years we trained over sixty participants who so far have gotten more than 3500 media hits; one has been hired as a network analyst. They constitute the nucleus of fresh, intelligent women's voices in media.  We've begun offering versions of this successful training model to the public. SheSource: The Women's Media Center is the definitive source for women experts for the media--there are some 500 women in our database, pitched to the media -- and as a resource for the media. We respond to countless requests from the media for experts and research. I wish I could say our work is done -- but there continue to be inequalities, and the WMC is an essential element in the fight.  I am asking that you continue to help us build this amazing organization by making a gift to The Women's Media Center. This contribution will help honor the work that has been done and sustain the battles that still need to be won. We thank you for your support, which means so much to all of us. You'll find the link here to  the description of the person we're looking for. Please apply, or suggest someone, and circulate widely. The work is vitally important. We'll be in touch again when the selection is made. With warmest wishes, Carol Jenkins WMC President