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The Women’s Media Center Launches #BulliedByRush Campaign

| March 7, 2012

For 20 years Rush Limbaugh has been using offensive language to dehumanize woman and other marginalized groups. It’s time to call it what it is: Bullying. That's why we are launching the #BulliedByRush campaign–in response to the long history of offensive comments and attacks made by Rush Limbaugh, most recently about Georgetown University Law student Sandra Fluke.

We encourage anyone who has ever felt bullied, harmed, or intimidated by Rush Limbaugh to submit their stories. Whether directly or indirectly, personally or collectively, if you feel you have been targeted by Rush, please share your story in solidarity with Fluke and all the other people he has bullied before her.

Go to and submit your story.

Speak out on Twitter with hashtag #BulliedByRush.