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Category: International, Violence against Women

The UN Launches VOTE to Say NO Campaign

July 19, 2011

Up to 70% of women experience violence in their lifetime. This is intolerable: It can, and must, be stopped. The United Nations is embarking on an effort to end gender violence.

The United Nations campaign VOTE to Say NO - UNiTE to End Violence Against Women is an extraordinary print advertising competition. VOTE to Say NO is open to professionals and non-professionals of Europe's creative community who want to challenge their talent on the theme of gender violence. The over 2,700 entries from 40 European countries will be judged both by a jury of experts and by online voters. One of the three prizes will be allocated to the most publicly voted campaign.

Please join the fight against gender violence. Stop violence against women from all over the world, regardless of their social status or of the level of development of their country. You can make a difference by helping determine the ad competition’s winner. Simply vote here:

The deadline for public voting is 11:59 PM (EST) July 31, 2011 – do not miss it! Click on the link above and vote your favorite ad. Please spread the word to your family, friends, colleagues…let your voices count!