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The State of Tiger’s Union

February 20, 2010

After a week of media build up, CBS, NBC and ABC interrupted daytime’s regularly scheduled programming to air Tiger Woods’ apology and subsequent “news” commentary labeling it a “Special Report.”  That’s national airtime. Hmm, special report like Obama’s State of the Union Address?  Who knew a celebrity golfer’s painfully boring speech could be so “special.”  And, indeed, the networks will continue to focus on this seemingly important news for at least another week, over analyzing and re-broadcasting Woods’ comments over and over and over again. Why so much sensationalism within “serious” news outlets on our airwaves?  It seems like, once again, viewers are subject to the networks’ “interpretation” of celebrity infidelity as news for their own corporate interests. (ABC, didn’t you first cover this story as “Entertainment News”?).  It’s no accident that with 97% of men in clout positions in the industry and these network’s financial interests in the PGA tour itself, the road was destined to be paved for such specialized coverage.  Each network has its own stake:  the broadcast television rights to the major PGA events are held by CBS (The Masters and PGA Championship), NBC (U.S. Open), and ESPN (The Open Championship), who happens to be ABC’s sister network. Interesting… Could it be that broadcasting Wood’s attempt to rectify his formerly squeaky clean image will help speed along his return to golf?  I smell the desperation for higher golf ratings -– and higher profits. In case you missed your helping of day time trash yesterday morning check out the low lights of Wood’s apology statement here.
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