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The Real Problem is the Weekly Standard, not the wife!

| June 10, 2011

Today, an article in The Weekly Standard detailing the walkout of Newt Gingrich’s aides (which has garnered the nickname of ‘Newtiny’ on Twitter) took a new perspective on the incident than other news outlets thus far. While most focused on the differences in campaigning styles that seemed to caused the rift between Gingrich and his aides, this article boasted the headlines: “The Problem Was the Wife”.

The article focused on how Callista Gingrich was the sole cause of the fallout. Not only is this inaccurate (as several other new stories covered how it appears several aspects led to the breakup), but the article paints Callista Gingrich as the reason behind every decision that caused the rift with Newt Gingrich being the poor soul caught in between.

While this is certainly an original approach to the news story, it is not fair to portray his wife as the problem in the campaign fallout. As far as the statements that have been released in regards to the incident, none point fingers at Callista Gingrich. Smells like sexism to us!