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The Power of Pink

November 12, 2010

When Coy Sheppard wore pink cleats to a high school football game, he was supporting last month’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, as seen in the NFL. But his tribute to his mother and grandmother, both survivors, went unappreciated. After wearing the cleats a second time despite his coach’s order not to, Sheppard was dismissed from the team. Other players wore pink to the same game, and Sheppard had previously worn colored cleats. There’s no way to be sure what tipped Coach Chris Peterson over the edge.

But Rush Limbaugh’s pink tirade was clearly explained: “pink cleats, pink towels, pink face masks…and now tears.” Referring to two Miami Dolphins players, Limbaugh, in a moment of boys-don’t-cry-ism huffed, “This is the National Football League, for crying out loud! The two quarterbacks are in a sob session!” For Limbaugh, pink, that most unmasculine of colors, necessarily leads to the “whole culture…just being chickified.” That’s a fun new word, Mr. Limbaugh, but you just insulted women, men, football players, breast cancer survivors, pink-lovers, and people who feel strongly about English.

In case he hadn’t covered his bases, Limbaugh moved on: “I’m sure they hugged!” Pink leads to crying leads to feminization leads to emasculation leads to homosexuality and the attendant loss of manhood? It all results in, as one caller termed it, the destruction of “blood sport.” So the real end of the chain is – the end of violence? Peace out of pink – you know, Mr. Limbaugh, that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.