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Tell the Obama Administration: Reverse the Abortion Coverage Ban!

July 19, 2010

NUTB-WMCWhen the Obama administration excluded abortion care in the temporary insurance pools, they compromised the health and safety of women with pre-existing conditions that may result in risks during pregnancy. Women with breast cancer, ovarian cancer, AIDS, diabetes, and other pre-existing conditions will face an undue burden due to the loss of coverage. The Obama administration’s unacceptable decision limits access to health care for women in high risk pools and only provides coverage for rape, incest, and risks to the life of the woman.  It is imperative that the Obama administration reconsider their harmful ban on women’s health care and ensure that abortion coverage is included when the new health insurance coverage becomes available.

We call on the President to reverse the ban on abortion coverage, and commit to providing comprehensive coverage for all in need. Women’s Media Center’s Not Under The Bus campaign stands for reproductive justice for all. Abortion is health care and women should not be forced to compromise their reproductive rights in the name of safe, fair and comprehensive health care. We will continue to fight as diligently as we did for the elimination of gender as a pre-existing condition and the extension of insurance coverage to include birth control.

As we recall our victories, we remember the bittersweet passage of the historic health care bill. We must not forget that this bill passed only after our pro-choice President appeased anti-choice hardliners by agreeing to sign an Executive Order reiterating the Hyde Amendment, a legislative provision that has been damaging low-income women’s lives and health for 34 years.

Almost five years ago, I wrote a piece calling for Hyde to be repealed due to the costly consequences women face with the lack of resources they need to survive. At the time, I explored the effects of this horrific legislation on young women, immigrant women, low-income women, and women of color. Today, the provision continues to threaten the health and safety of the most vulnerable women, while extending its destructive reach to women with pre-existing health conditions.

Presently, the Obama administration’s ban enables a three-year restriction that is similar to the Stupak Amendment that was rejected by the Senate during the health care reform debate. We must remind the President that our health care is central to the health of America, and it is not for sale! We call on you to contact the Obama Administration and let them know that we will not rest until they reverse this dangerous attack on women’s health. We urge you to be a voice in the media and stand up for reproductive freedom.  Women will not be thrown under the bus. Not yesterday. Not today. Not tomorrow.

Tell the Obama Administration: Reverse the Abortion Coverage Ban!