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Technical Academy Awards- For Guys Only?

February 25, 2010

At her Women & Hollywood blog, Melissa Silverstein points out a troubling oversight within a recent AP article about the Technical Academy Awards: “Forty-five men you’ve probably never heard of were honored with an Academy Awards ceremony of their own that recognized scientific and technical achievements in moviemaking.” With no acknowledgment about the lack of non-male honorees, the AP adopts a disconcerting "I-guess-that's-the-way-it-is" attitude. As Silverstein writes, “Wouldn’t a better story have been, here we are giving out the technical academy awards and you’d think in 2010 there would be a woman on the winner list. Huh? What’s wrong with this picture?” Couldn'ta said it better. As a temporary antidote to patriarchy in the press, check out WMC's latest video celebrating all the women nominated for this year’s Academy Awards.