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SPARK Team Meets with Seventeen Magazine: Media Response

| May 4, 2012


On Friday, 14-year-old SPARKteam girl activist Julia Bluhm presented Seventeen Magazine with her petition: Give Girls Images of Real Girls! The petition asks:

For the sake of all the struggling girls all over America, who read Seventeen and think these fake images are what they should be, I’m stepping up. I know how hurtful these photoshopped images can be. I’m a teenage girl, and I don’t like what I see. None of us do. Will you join us by signing this petition and asking Seventeen to take a stand as well and commit to one unaltered photo spread a month?

The petition has garnered over 49,000 signatures (and counting!) and the media has been eager to cover the story. Read the SPARK blog post on the event here.

Here are some of the media pieces on the SPARKteam meeting with Seventeen Magazine:

New York TimesA Real Girl, 14, Takes a Stand Against the Flawless Faces in Magazines

5/3/12: "As of Thursday evening, the petition had been signed by 46,000 people. Julia and her mother, Mary Beiter, came to New York this week from their home in Waterville, Me., for a demonstration organized by and Spark outside the offices of Seventeen in Midtown."

The GuardianThousands join girl in urging Seventeen magazine to publish unedited images

5/3/12: "Seventeen magazine said it had invited Bluhm to its offices after seeing her petition. It said in a statement: 'We're proud of Julia for being so passionate about an issue – it's exactly the kind of attitude we encourage in our readers – so we invited her to our office to meet with editor in chief Ann Shoket this morning.'"

New York Daily NewsTeens ask Seventeen Magazine: “Where are the girls like me?”

5/2/12: "Outside the headquarters of the teen magazine known for its skinny models, a group of girls dressed in plain old jeans and jackets posed in front of a white backdrop Wednesday holding up signs that read 'Where are the Girls Like Me?'"

ABC Nightline: Are Airbrushed Ads Dangerous?

CBS New York14-Year-Old Takes On Altered Photographs In Seventeen Magazine

5/2/12: "While kids are being bombarded by what they see in ad campaigns and magazines, what they hear at home hits just as hard. Child psychologist Dr. Jennifer Harstein said parents obsessing about their own diet and how they look is often passed down."