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Social Media: Amplifying Women’s Voices

January 12, 2010

Monday’s show featured Racialicious and Jezebel blogger — and Progressive Women’s Voices alum — Latoya Peterson, along with media technologist Deanna Zandt, and our very own Programming Coordinator Rachell Arteaga, who heads our excellent Girls Investigate project. This fantastic team of women examines social media trends, pop culture conversations, and girls media programming as we begin a new decade, taking a look at Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and the pop culture conversations happening on Racialicious, Jezebel and other sites. Adding her experience as a youth organizer, WMC President Jehmu Greene hosts the show, along with co-host and producer Barbara Glickstein.

If you like what you hear, please email WBAI — — thanking the station for providing the WMC with this fantastic opportunity!

Listen to the full show below, visit the WMC Radio Podcast page to download the MP3, or click here to subscribe to us on iTunes!

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