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SisterSong Campaign Against CBS Billboards and Georgia Legislation

February 27, 2010

During February, SisterSong and other organizations have campaigned against anti-abortion advertising targeting Black women throughout the State of Georgia with billboard campaigns. Then, the companion legislation, HB 1155, the Pre-natal Non-discrimination Act (The Sex and Race Selection Bill) was introduced in the GA House. 80 of the billboards were erected and CBS Outdoor Advertising has yet to respond. SisterSong is asking supporters to send an email to the CBS Outdoor Advertising Billboard Management Team, who owns the billboards and demand that the signs come down. Email each of them the same message: I am outraged by the "Black Children are Endangered Species" billboards. These racist and sexist ads need to come down now.  SisterSong website [] has HB 1155 talking points, fact sheet, and Statement of Solidarity with African American Women.  The CBS contacts are as follows: Jodi Senese, Vice President, Marketing, Lou Formisano, Vice President, National Billboard Sales, Dana Wells, President, Billboard Division, Atlanta Sales Phone (404) 699-1499