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She Party Recap: Sarah Palin’s Feminism, Women in Political Leadership, & Lessons of our Mothers

June 2, 2010

WMC’s She Party is continuing to grow.  Last week, women virtually came together to discuss such topics as Sarah Palin’s self-declared feminism, the lessons of our mothers, the lack of women in political leadership, Glenn Beck’s sexist comment on Michelle Obama’s breasts, Cannes’ lack of woman director nominees, the portrayal of black women on reality television, and more.  Here are some highlights from last Wednesday’s She Party.

mary_churchill @womensmediacntr I have to say, I'm intrigued by Palin's feminism #sheparty I feel torn. I want feminism to be inclusive but...not coopted..

faraichideya You can be a man and be a feminist. Two of my fave self-IDed male feminists: Duke prof Mark Anthony Neal; tv creator Joss Whedon. #SheParty

faraichideya Key line: "If she [#Palin] has the guts to call herself a feminist, then she's entitled to be accepted as one." #SheParty

faraichideya My working definitions of feminism are along the lines of a Golden Rule of gender: treat others the way you want to be treated. #SheParty

faraichideya My mother taught me that cheating was anti-feminist. "Sisters don't do that to sisters," she said. That was a great lesson. #SheParty

Stanger105 I see #feminism as a battle against an enduring legacy of oppression to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential #sheparty

womensmediacntr What has everyone's else mothers taught them about #feminism? Did she ever talk to you about it? #sheparty

Stanger105 @womensmediacntr: My mom taught me #feminism through her example. She fought to become a MD when it wasnt acceptable for a woman - #sheparty

lizdebagara @womensmediacntr My mother was a traditionalist - very opposed to #feminism But she wanted me 2b independent and she was tuff #sheparty

Dahlialithwick @womensmediacntr My mom taught me you can't have it all but love the heck out of what you have and share it with those who don't #sheparty

londyjamel my ma never wldve identified as feminist, but as early as 5, she taught me to be independent, confident, unstoppable. & feminine. #sheparty

mary_churchill @womensmediacntr Wow - my mother and feminism - not so much. i think my father taught me to be a feminist #sheparty that I could do anything

ShaynaLeahK @womensmediacntr My mom taught me that women have a long way to parity, that I can do anything, and to stand strong #feminism #sheparty

ShaynaLeahK @womensmediacntr My mom taught me to be able to support me even if I become part of a 'we' #sheparty #feminism

NomdeB @womensmediacntr We should not take for granted the rights for which generations of women before us fought. Like abortion. #sheparty

legalspeaks My mother taught me I could do anything I set my mind on doing and encouraged me to reach for the sky. True #feminism #sheparty

Miss_CTINA @womensmediacntr When it comes time to choose leaders, women don't have the network of support to beat the men. #sheparty

mary_churchill @lizdebagara I feel like it's become a game for the sake of playing and for women it's about making a difference more than a game #sheparty

womensmediacntr Through Progressive Women's Voices, WMC provides #media training to #women to help them achieve those leadership positions #sheparty #PWV

IAmDrTiller My mother didn't teach me about #feminism per se, but in her actions taught me to be strong, independent, & stand my ground. #sheparty

Miss_CTINA Women are more likely to be challenged in a primary. More likely to be offered as the sacrificial lamb in tough seats/races. #sheparty

danavshelley My mom, grandmothers & aunts didnt talk #feminism They were teaching,running a businss, working at car factories #sheparty

edgery Feminism is about gender equality, seeking neither dominance nor apology. Don't hold the door open, don't slam it shut. #sheparty

edgery Palin can lay claim to the feminist mantle but that doesn't make her claim valid. #sheparty

ShelbyKnox Feminism teaches us we're not crazy and we're not alone, but that it's a tool of oppression to make us think we are. #sheparty

faraichideya "News widows" is slang for female journalists who never felt they could have a life. My female journ friends are making a life. #SheParty

This week we are pleased to be joined by our She Source experts, including Financial Literacy Advocate Manisha Thakor, Consultant and Coach Tanya Odom, Executive Director of The COSHAR Foundation Dr. Sharon Allison-Ottey, Professor Annette Nellen, Big Green Purse CEO Diane MacEachern, Biologist and Author Judith Hand, and Attorney Debbie Hines. Log in to Twitter on Wednesdays from 3-6 pm EST / 12-3 pm PST and search #sheparty to join the conversation.  For more on She Party read about our launch of the forum and our building momentum.