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She Party Blows Up!

June 9, 2010

She Party is blowing up!  Last week’s She Party was so lively that the Women’s Media Center Twitter account was temporarily shut down by the Twitter police for too many status updates.  The Party featured an engaging discussion covering everything from Lady Gaga and Sarah Palin’s feminism, to the abuse of hip hop fans by artists, to sex discrimination in the workplace. Here are just a few tweet highlights from this week’s conversation:

sallykohn Idea of Palin/Gaga feminism is like saying b/c Obama is prez we're now post-racial. Mistakes representation for equality! #sheparty

Anti_Intellect Feminism is just like a seat belt. It saved my life. #sheparty

womensmediacntr Great Q: "Why does it have to be framed as a failure when a #marriage ends?" (via @feministing) #sheparty #Gore

ShelbyKnox I'm sick of Palin & #SATC2 as feminist/anti-feminist. A movement moves & makes changes in people's lives-that convo does neither. #sheparty

rcspicuglia Wow. "first female couple featured in the Vows video series" of @NYTimes. What's the date again?! #sheparty

jamiaw Palin is not a feminist. Feminism is abt equality. Palin = neo-con who sees cultural capital she can get frm exploiting feminism. #sheparty

AskArabella Feminism is showing up with your own orgasm. #sheparty

Possible discussion items for today’s She Party include the following:

Last night’s primary success for women candidates

Teenage girls resistance to the “hookup culture”

Helen Thomas’s resignation

The antiabortion movement at the state level

Obama’s extension of federal employee benefits to same sex couples

The Urban Outfitters girlcott

Log in to Twitter on Wednesdays from 3-6 pm EST / 12-3 pm PST and search #sheparty to join the conversation.  For more information, read about our launch of She Party last month.
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