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“Share This!” Author Deanna Zandt Joins This Week’s She Party

June 16, 2010

  share thisWomen’s Media Center is pumped to have media technologist and Progressive Women’s Voices alum Deanna Zandt joining today’s She Party from 3-4 pm EST to discuss her new book Share This!: How You Will Change the World with Social Networking.   In this rockin new book, Zandt illustrates how sharing builds trust and empathy, explains the need for authenticity, offers advice for both individuals and organizations – and shows you how to have some fun along the way.  As WMC Program Director Rebekah Spicuglia notes, “Share This! is about moving towards a culture of sharing -- and the potential for a much more engaging, less hierarchical flow of information. This shift is changing the world, one ‘share’ at a time.”   We look forward to having Deanna at today’s She Party, where she will announce the launch of a new media tool in her campaign to change the world!  The She Party conversation will of course continue until 6 pm, but don’t miss Deanna from 3-4 pm EST.  See you on the world wide web, folks.