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Sexism has no Place in Libya’s Democracy, or Ours

March 24, 2011

As more and more women hold international leadership positions, it's clear that gender stereotypes just aren't holding up. Media coverage of the role of women in Obama's Administration has obfuscated much more important conversations about a human rights crisis, diversity in leadership, and what true democracy means.

Women do bring up new perspectives on issues and alternate solutions to such crises, but this isn't about men vs. women. It’s about the ability of diverse leadership to solve a human rights crisis.

When media cover this story as a gender battle, the larger story of a democratic struggle is lost, and it's simply unproductive. Media Matters has called out CNN contributor Erik Erickson for blaming women in the Obama administration for our recent actions towards Libya, claiming Obama "manufactured" this human rights crisis, and Jezebel shows just how prevalent these types of conversations have been.

Holding to this sexist framework isn't helping Libya's democracy, and it's certainly not helping ours.