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See Submissions for our What Does C-B-S Stand For? Video!

January 29, 2010

We alerted you to CBS' decision to air an anti-choice ad during the Super Bowl from the notoriously intolerant and divisive organization Focus on the Family. Thanks to you, over 4,000 people have sent 120,000 letters to CBS, NFL, and Super Bowl advertising executives asking that they adhere to the longstanding tradition of prohibiting controversial spots during the Super Bowl and scrap the ad. CBS now claims to have changed its policy on accepting advocacy ads. But its decision to debut this policy by associating itself with the anti-choice, anti-equality Focus on the Family raises serious questions about CBS policies and bias -- and leads us to this question: What Does CBS Stand For? As part of our efforts to scrap the ad, we're launching a video campaign to amplify your voice. We want to know what you think C-B-S stands for. "Corporate Broadcast Sell-outs" or "Completely Blatant Sexism"? We've come up with a few to get your juices flowing -- click here to watch our video. Check out some submissions we've received below and keep sending them in! To submit your videos and photos, visit! TAKE ACTION AND SEND THEM IN NOW!