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Recognizing Women in Science

November 17, 2010

As TIME recently rounded up, there are tons of theories about why there are so few women in math and science.  It's not a stretch to conclude that the dearth of female role models is part of the problem.

We were excited, then, to see GQ Magazine's Rock Stars of Science campaign highlight Rear Admiral Susan Blumenthal, former U.S. Assistant Surgeon General, as one of their "Rock Docs." Paired with rock star Jay Sean, Dr. Blumenthal, who also serves as the Public Health Editor for the Huffington Post, is one of seventeen of the nation’s top medical researchers to make the list.

Founder and Director of the Health and Medicine Program at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress (CSPC) in Washington D.C., Dr. Blumenthal has led the USAID-funded Palestinian/Israeli Health Initiative, an important CSPC project that used health diplomacy as a bridge for peace in the region. She combines her medical leadership with her media leadership, and, in addition to her focus on women's health, a key part of her work has has been bringing understudied health problems to increased scientific and public attention.  Her Huffington Post article today emphasizes one of the messages of the Rock Doc program: "How Science is Crucial to Improving Health Worldwide."

Since the Rock Stars of Science campaign seeks to boost the appeal of careers in science for young people in the U.S., we're especially glad to see Dr. Blumenthal embrace her position as both a science and media role model.