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Really Rush? Limbaugh Proposes that Obama "Take His Daughter To The Airport And Have A TSA Grop

November 23, 2010

WMC's Interim President Julie Burton said Rush Limbaugh "is now officially the nation's crazy uncle at Thanksgiving dinner," in response to his suggestion that President Obama "take his daughter to the airport and have a TSA grope her".

Seemingly, Rush has a history of mocking girls and young women. During his June 16th radio program, Limbaugh imitated Malia Obama’s voice, saying: "Daddy? Did you shake down BP yet, Daddy? Are you going to make them pay, Daddy?,"  in response to a remark Obama made in a May 2010 press conference.

Additionally, the late columnist Molly Ivins reported Limbaugh’s disparaging comments about 13-year-old Chelsea Clinton in the May/June 1995 edition of Mother Jones. Ivans claimed that Limbaugh held up a picture of the White House cat, and inquired, "Did you know there's a White House dog?" while displaying Chelsea Clinton’s photograph.

Despite Limbaugh’s track record of permeating his rhetoric with sexist and racist attacks, his derisive comments about children are shocking. It is unacceptable for the Obama girls to be targeted with disrespectful vitriol.

Outraged? Tell Rush Limbaugh that mocking girls and making light of sexual harassment is NOT a“family value”.  Contact him with the information below and make your voice heard.

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