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Questions Raised about Tebow Story

January 28, 2010

Reports are circulating that raise serious questions about the Tebow story, highlighting the longstanding abortion ban in the Phillipines. From CRR's press release: "Abortion was criminalized in the Philippines in 1870 and has been illegal in the country ever since. There are no exceptions to the law. Abortion is even prohibited when a woman's life or health is in danger. Women are punished with imprisonment between two to six years if they obtain one. Doctors and midwives who directly cause or assist a woman in an abortion face six years imprisonment and may have their licenses suspended or revoked."DontSitontheSidelines Jodi at RH Reality Check asks, "So....was Tebow's doctor ignorant of the law and policy of his or her own country? Or, was the doctor willing to skirt the law for a relatively wealthy (in the context of the extreme poverty in the Philippines) white woman from the United States? Or did the doctor, again, merely lay out the range of options should it be found that the possible risks of a medication or the possible side effects of the medication should she opt to take it?"