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PWV Alum Jaclyn Friedman on the Media Portrayal of Al Gore and Sexual Assault

July 21, 2010

This week, PWV Alum Jaclyn Friedman released an article and video blog through The Nation on GRITtv exploring the media reaction to the recent allegations of sexual assault against Al Gore. In these postings, Friedman looks at the way the media seems unable to separate these serious charges from the image that Al Gore enjoys as an Oscar and Noble Peace Prize winning public figure. In the vlog, Friedman states, "It's natural to want to imagine the perpetrators of sexual violence as monsters. It's a monstrous act, after all. But sexual predators aren't monsters. They're people....They can be brothers, boyfriends, best buddies, talented film directors, beloved athletes, trusted priests and, yes, even lefty political heroes who seem like genuinely nice guys." It is up to the law and not the media to determine whether or not an act of violence occurred. Do you feel the coverage of this topic has been influenced by Gore's celebrity? Check out the video of Friedman below: