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Poynter Covers WMC’s Media Guide to Covering Reproductive Issues

| June 12, 2013

Being a journalist means being asked to become a sudden expert in whatever story you are asked to cover. While this is difficult for most topics, it’s doubly difficult when a reporter is suddenly faced with a source spouting facts of dubious veracity or faced with seemingly bewildering medical terms. Such scenarios are why the Women’s Media Center produced our Media Guide to Covering Reproductive Issues, a helpful handbook for reporters writing about these topics. The guide was recently spot-lighted by the Poynter Institute on their website by reporter Andrew Beaujon; “Style guide aims to make it easier to cover stories like Plan B.

The guide, which WMC released in January but recently published as a physical book, has an easy-to-understand entry on the term “emergency contraception” as well as deep dives on issues like how to refer to advocates on different sides of the abortion debate. Some labels, the guide says, “represent little more than competing public relations campaigns,” while others “denote very real distinctions in movement issues, priorities, and goals (‘pro-life’ vs ‘consistent life ethic’).”

Check out the rest of Poynter’s story.