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Category: Politics, Violence against Women

Pass the Intl. Violence Against Women Act before it's too late!

November 18, 2010

The Women's Media Center supports the passage of the International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA), as included in the Omnibus spending bill (a large federal spending bill). As the 111th Congress comes to an end, time is of the essence to include this legislation as a part of the final bill. The passage of  IVAWA would make the United States a leader in addressing violence against women on a global scale.

It's no secret that violence against women is a global health and human rights issue - According to Amnesty International, at least one out of every three women worldwide has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime, with rates of domestic violence reaching 70% in some countries.

This act takes steps to ensure that  governments hold perpetrators responsible, and supports measures to prevent violence, protect survivors and bring perpetrators to justice. It also contains best practice provisions for preventing and responding to violence against women during times of peace and times of conflict.

What can you do? Call your Congressperson today and tell them to pass an omnibus spending bill that includes the global violence against women language. We need them to know that this is a priority for women! Here's the toll-free Capitol Switchboard number to call, and you'll just need to provide your zip code to be connected with your representative's office: 1-866-220-0044