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OSCARS: Three All-Male Categories Back to Back

March 7, 2010

Where are women in Hollywood? Is anyone noticing that we just had three back to back all-male categories? All the nominees were male - meaning of course that all the winners were male. Best Animated Feature, Best Original Song, Best Original Screenplay. ALL MEN. This is unacceptable. Women are 51% of the population but are losing ground in Hollywood. Even as we celebrate Kathryn Bigelow's "Best Director" nomination, in 2009, women comprised only 7% of all directors, 8% of writers, 17% of all executive producers, and 35 percent of 2009's top films had no female producers at all. As Women's Media Center honors the women who have been nominated for Oscars in 2010, we are working to ensure that women are both recognized for their work and given equal opportunities. Sign on to voice your support for women in film, and we will deliver your signature to the Academy and studio heads to ensure an even longer list of nominees next year! Sign: