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O'Reilly Factor: Women's Media Center Shout-Out to NCAA

March 4, 2010

Last week, the NCAA -- the major governing body of college sports -- yanked a Focus on the Family banner ad from its website due to the group's homophobic agenda, which conflicts with the NCAA's policy of inclusion. WMC President Jehmu Greene appeared on the O’Reilly factor last night to discuss and opened with “The NCAA has bigger balls than the NFL.”  Couldn’t have said it better! Greene was unflappable, poised and noted that the NCAA has an audience of young people “who are diverse, young people who are tolerant, young people who will not stand for Focus on the Family’s agenda” and that it does not “have any place in the Super Bowl, or as the NCAA said, in basketball.” O’Reilly argued in support of Focus on the Family – and in a warped comparison said that he would “defend” her against people who say “Ms. Greene wants a holocaust on babies” by countering that they can’t shut down her opinion.  Not only is this comparison vile and offensive, and straying from the point, it is also HYPOCRITICAL.  How quickly we forget, Mr. O’Reilly, the summer of 2002!  Remember when O’Reilly blasted Pepsi for choosing rapper Ludacris for its advertising?  O’Reilly protested until – guess what? – HE GOT THE AD PULLED!  Why is it OK to shut down Pepsi’s ad BUT not Focus on the Family's ad?  “No Spin Zone” indeed. But wait, there’s more! A frequent spewer of offensive gibberish, Dennis Miller put in his two cents after the segment was over and chimed in with a snarky closing sentiment on Greene, “Who would have thought Big Brother would come in the guise of the selectively righteous sistah.”  “I agree with you,” said O’Reilly. Um, WHAT Dennis Miller?  You AGREE, Bill O’Reilly? Who are the “Pinheads” here? The Women’s Media Center was founded to fight sexism and bias in the media and we will continue to highlight such glaring and offensive coverage until ALL women are treated fairly both behind and in front of the camera.  This brief exchange highlights the long journey ahead when it comes to challenging bias in the media, and unfortunately social media outlets were filled with offensive comments following the segment as well. Viewers referred to Greene as “Aunt Jemima” and one conservative blog even stooped so low as to refer to her as “the killer whale… Shamu Greene.” Immature. Shallow.  Check out PWVer Courtney Martin’s insightful analysis of "The Fox Disconnect," inspired by her own appearance on the Factor and the intolerant reaction of its viewers. Text WOMEN to 50555 to donate $10 to Women's Media Center!