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NYT: “What We Are Reading: Women Under Siege”

February 9, 2012

C. J. Chivers for the New York Times' "At War" blog.

Lately, At War has had a few recommendations for books to cover, one of which I am busy reading ahead of the next trip. But before writing that one up, the blog will pause today to update its blog roll and point to a new Web site worth watching: Women Under Siege.

The site went up Wednesday, along with a opinion article written by Gloria Steinem and Lauren Wolfe. It is the online presence of a new project of the Women’s Media Center, the New York-based nonprofit.

The project will focus on how rape and sexual violence are used as a tool of war, and will advocate for means to halt these crimes where they are occurring and to prosecute those who commit them. The new site states its mission bluntly; Women Under Siege looks to be a project with an edge.

But there is another reason to visit the Web site: its original content.

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