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Nina Morrison Interviewed on Larry King About Death Sentence DNA Case

March 25, 2010

A controversial death sentence in Texas was temporarily halted yesterday when Hank Skinner of Texas was granted a stay of execution by the Supreme Court. Skinner was convicted of killing Twila Busby, his girlfriend, and her two adult sons in their home on New Year's Eve 1993, but has long been seeking DNA testing that he claims will exonerate him.  Nina Morrison, a Progressive Women's Voices alumna and senior attorney with The Innocence Project, has worked with Skinner's legal team trying to get clearance for the DNA testing, which he has been consistently denied by the state of Texas. While the Supreme Court granted the stay in order to consider Skinner's appeal, there is no guarantee that his case will be heard, or that DNA testing will finally be granted. Interviewed on Larry King Live last night, Morrison was asked by the host whether the blood on Skinner's clothes the night of the murder seemed condemning, despite his consistent claims of innocence.  "No amount of speculation about a person's guilt can substitute for a DNA test," Morrison said. "Whether Hank Skinner is guilty or innocent, everyone agrees that he should have an opportunity to prove that innocence through DNA testing before his execution." The Innocence Project has used DNA testing to overturn wrongful convictions in 251 death penalty and other cases. Watch Morrison's interview below: