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Newsbrief: Title IX Suit Filed Against Yale, Pregnant Women Need Support Not Prison

| April 5, 2011

Title IX Suit Filed Against Yale for “Hostile Sexual Environment”

3/31/11 Jezebel:The federal Office for Civil Rights announced it will open an investigation of Yale for failure to eliminate a hostile sexual environment on campus after 16 students and alumni filed a complaint with OCR.

Pregnant Women Need Support, Not Prison

3/31/11 ACLU:In Indiana, the ACLU has submitted a friend-of-the-court brief to dismiss the prosecution of Bei Bei Shuai. Last year, a pregnant Shuai, suffering from a major depressive disorder, attempted suicide and failed, but her baby did not survive. Last month, she was arrested, jailed, and charged with murder and attempted feticide.

Police Disperse Protests Against Women’s Rights in Bangladesh

4/4/11 BBC:After the passage of a new law giving women equal property rights, angry protesters blocked the main highway in the capital city of Dhaka.


A Club for Women Atop the Ladder

4/2/11 NY Times:The Belizean Grove club has kept a low profile, but its members are an elite group from all industries; and only women are allowed. Modeled after the exclusive men-only Bohemian Grove club, the women seek to learn from and support each other in their business and personal lives.

Chicago Cops Accused of Sexual Assault

4/1/11 Chicago Sun-Times:Two Chicago officers are accused of sexually assaulting a young women in their police car.

Slut Shame: Why Do We Still Attack Women for Having Sex?

4/1/11 Alternet: In 2011, it’s still considered perfectly acceptable to attack women based on their supposed sluttiness.

Missouri Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban

4/3/11 RH Reality Check: The Missouri Senate has passed a 20-week government intrusion abortion ban that carries felony penalties for physicians who violate the new provisions.

Do Women Need More Job Coaching?

4/3/11 Wall Street Journal: A new study from consulting firm  McKinsey & Co. suggests that the main barrier to women reaching the top of the corporate ladder is inadequate career development and leadership training.

Women Under the Budget Knife

3/30/11 The Nation: The House vote to defund Planned Parenthood and eliminate Title X has been blocked in the Senate, but there remain other less visible ways that cutbacks at the federal, state and local level will fall disproportionately on women.

We Work Hard, But Who’s Complaining?

4/2/11 New York Times: An editorial about how gender plays a profound role in the war over public unions.

The Data Behind the Walmart Not-Yet-Class-Action Lawsuit

3/31/11 Sociological Images:As the Supreme Court hears arguments to approve the class-action sexual discimination lawsuit against WalMart, a visual breakdown of the discrimination data.

Uterus Now Officially a Dirty Word in Florida

3/31/11 RH Reality Check: In the fallout from one Democratic Representative’s use of the word during a debate, GOP leadership has admonished all legislators to watch their language.

Alabama House Approves Apology for Recy Taylor

3/30/11 Colorlines:Recy Taylor, 91, was gag raped by 7 white men in 1941. Now the Alabama House has made a historic move towards a state apology.


Italian Women Seek Compensation from Berlusconi

4/4/11 Telegraph:In advance of Prime Minister Berlusconi’s trial this Wednesday, a women’s rights group has asked the court for the right to seek compensation for Berlusconi’s damage to the dignity of all Italian women.

Female Fetuses Aborted at Highest Rate Ever in India

4/2/11 Care2: The most recent census data in India confirms the trend:  female fetuses are being aborted at the highest rate ever.

International Family Planning Funding Threatened

3/31/11 Huffington Post:GOP budget cuts are not only a threat to women’s health in the US, legislation is also on the table to reinstate the so-called global gag rule which would prohibit all foreign organizations receiving USAID funding from promoting or providing abortion services.

Women & Social Media in the Arab World

3/25/11 C-SPAN:Watch video from the International Women’s Media Foundation Conference, during which Mona Elthahawy discusses women’s use of social media during the Egyptian revolution.

Haiti, Violated

Spring 2011 Issue World Policy Journal: In the wake of Haiti’s earthquake, the destruction only furthered the epidemic of rape and sexual violence.

Gender Violence in Education

4/5/2011 A new report exposes the threat of gendered violence in the classroom; in fact, gender-based violence causes as much of a burden of ill-health and death among women aged 15 to 44 as cancer, and more than malaria and traffic accidents combined.

Women Aren’t Pet Rocks

4/1/2011 Washington Post: Kathleen Parker asks, “what about the women?” when it comes to international events, but doesn’t often get a satisfactory answer.


Cheaper Version of Pricey Preterm Birth Drug Gets the OK

3/30/11 MSNBC: After licensing, the price of Makena, the premature pregnancy drug jumped from 10 dollars to 1500.  But since the ensuing outcry and protests, the FDA has taken the unusual step of declaring that pharmacies be allowed to continue making the cheaper version.

Women Immune to Sexual Harassment?

4/3/11 Jezebel: A new study that looked at how military men and women cope with sexual harassment draws some interesting conclusions.

Botox, Bingeing, Bullying and Breast-Ironing: We Must Stop the War on Women's Bodies

3/31/11 Alternet: “In a globalized world, we must fight toxic body culture by "becoming what we have never seen"--rewriting the paradigm of health and self-acceptance.”

Is the NFL Bad for Women’s Health?

4/4/11 SF Gate: A discussion of a new study which shows compelling evidence that there is a link between the outcomes of professional football games and family violence.


Katie Couric Really Leaving the Anchor Chair?

4/4/11 Jezebel:An AP report says that Couric, who was the first woman to anchor a network newscast, is set to leave her spot to launch a syndicated talk show in 2012.

FBI Puts Madonna Charity in Crosshairs

4/3/11 The Daily:After the scandal broke about Madonna’s Malawi charity, another one of her non-profi ventures is under scrutiny by the FBI.


The First Publicly Transgender Hoops Player in the NCAA

4/3/11 ESPNW: This season, Kye Allums played on the George Washington University women’s basketball team as the first publicly transgender athlete in Division I basketball. Allums and his mother give their first television interview.

Women’s Ski Jumping Set to Join Olympic Program

4/4/11 Monsters & Critics:After a 5-year wait, women’s ski jumping is set to be approved for the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

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