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Newsbrief: Thousands Rally for Women’s Health, Obama Rejects DOMA

| March 1, 2011

6000 People Rally For Women’s Health in NYC

2/28/11 Feministing: Thousands gathered last weekend in New York, and around the country, to Stand Up for Women’s Health and protest the elimination of Title X and de-funding of Planned Parenthood in the House’s proposed budget.

Obama Administration Rejects DOMA

2/23/11 NCLRights: The federal government will no longer defend DOMA as constitutional, the act that prohibits the recognition of marriage between same-sex couples.

European Court Rules Insurers to Begin Gender-Blind Premiums

3/1/11 Jezebel: After a European Court of Justice ruling, women can no longer be charged lower car insurance premiums than men.


Social Networking Keeping Women Safe

2/28/11 New York Times: The street harassment of women is rarely addressed or reported, but encourages women to share their stories in order to provide data about harassment and map locations where it occurs most often.

Georgia Bill Seeks Investigation for Every Miscarriage

2/27/11 AlterNet: A new bill in Georgia would require women to file a police report when they miscarry.

Justice Goes Digital: Technology Aids Police Search for a Serial Rapist

2/27/11 WashingtonPost: The predator known as the East Coast Rapist is suspected of sexually assaulting 12 women since the 1990’s. With the help of the Internet and digital billboards, police hope that a new campaign will provide the tip they need to finally catch him.

Anti-Choice Billboard Turns Up in LA

2/25/11 Colorlines: Like the anti-choice billboards that sprung up in African-American communities in Georgia, another has been erected in Lose Angeles. A similar billboard in lower Manhattan was removed after widespread outrage.

Conservative Media Owner Opposes GOP’s Anti-Planned Parenthood Agenda

2/28/11 AlterNet: The billionaire conservative owner of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review broke with his party to write that the GOP is “dead wrong” to defund Planned Parenthood.

Anti-Choice Ad Accuses Planned Parenthood of Aiding Sex Traffickers and Covering Up Statutory Rape

2/28/11 WashingtonPost: The anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List has taken out $200,000 worth of television and radio advertising in support of the House members who voted to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

Female Veterans Face Unemployment and Homelessness

3/1/11 The Root: The number of women serving in the military might be growing, but back home they are still less accepted than their male counterparts.

Fetus to ‘testify’ for Anti-Abortion Bill in Ohio

3/1/11 Columbus Business First: An anti-abortion group attempting to outlaw abortion after detection of the first heartbeat has scheduled a fetus to testify via ultrasound.

New Program Tackles Oklahoma’s High Rate of Female Incarceration

3/1/11 Women’s eNews: In Oklahoma there are more women incarcerated than anywhere else in the US, and a majority of those women have a history of sexual abuse and domestic violence. A new alternative drug treatment program attempts to break the cycle of substance abuse before sentencing.

Sarah Palin’s Popularity With Republicans Drops

2/28/11 Daily Kos: An Iowa poll shows that Palin’s popularity with likely Republican voters has slipped since November of 2009.

The Challenge of Women Leadership in Orthodox Jewish Communities

2/26/11 HuffingtonPost: Women may have achieved equality with men in liberal Jewish communities, but in Orthodox synagogues they remain largely invisible.


Libyan Women Lead Revolution

2/28/11 Radio Netherlands Worldwide: The Attorney General's Office in Benghazi has been the center of the revolution against Gaddafi's rule, due largely to leadership by lawyer Salwa Bugaigis, who is also a woman.

Women’s Movements Present Development Alternatives at the World Social Forum

2/25/11 AWID: At the annual forum in Senegal, women’s organizations and feminist movements proposed new alternatives for international development that empowers women.

Dating Site Is New Hotspot for Libyan Protest

3/1/11 Wired: Using a Muslim dating website, Libyan protestors exchange coded messages to organize against the regime.

Shops, Restaurants, Hotels and Airlines Say No to Kids

2/28/11 Women’s eNews: Businesses are increasingly banning children, putting extra pressure on moms and families.

No Jail Time for Rapist Because Victim Sent Suggestive Signals

2/24/11 Winnipeg Free Press: A convicted rapist will not serve jail time because a Canadian judge has ruled that the victim sent suggestive signals through her attire and promiscuous behavior.

UNESCO Warns Millions of Children Robbed of Future due to Conflict, Sexual Abuse

3/1/11 AllAfrica: A UNESCO’s 2011 Global Monitoring Report warns that armed confict in Africa is robbing millions of children of an education through exposure to vast human rights abuses, including widespread rape and sexual violence.


New Study Suggests Half of Men Have HPV

3/1/11 Jezebel: Providing evidence that men should also be vaccinated with Gardasil, a study in the US, Brazil and Mexico found that half of the men studied were infected with HPV.

Banned Chemical May Interfere with Pregnancy

3/1/11 Wired: A new study suggest that PCB exposure may interfere with women’s ability to get pregnant.


Kanye Tweets Warning About Abortions, Gold Diggers

2/23/11 Jezebel: Kanye West sparked controversy with a tweet complaining about the cost of an abortion and the dangers of gold digging women.

Women Still Outnumbered in Hollywood’s Top Jobs

2/27/11 Care2: Despite a few high profile successes, women only account for 16 percent of powerful behind-the-scenes individuals in Hollywood. The author the study The Celluloid Ceiling discusses strategies for changing this bleak picture.

Best Supporting Actress Launched Self-Promotion Campaign to Combat Ageism

2/28/11 Jezebel: Despite the backlash against her self-funded Oscar ad, Melissa Leo took home the award for Best Supporting Actress. Did she defeat ageism?

Hollywood Icon Jane Russell Has Died at 89

3/1/11 BBC News: Hollywood actress and sex symbol Jane Russell was first cast in the 1943 film The Outlaw, later starring in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Marilyn Monroe and founding the World Adoption Agency.


Female Sports Executives Honored

2/28/11 ESPNW: Women in Sports and Events announced its Women of the Year honorees, including the CEO of the Women’s Tennis Association and Chief Marketing Officer of the US Olympic Committee.

Jen Hilton Plays in a Man’s World

2/28/11 Mirror: The 27-year-old will be the first woman to play a full-contact football game at the premier league level.

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